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Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Hi guys!

After visiting a television studio with my class, preparing a short text (about a big topic) for our oncoming class trip, attending two concerts in one night, having choir and theatre rehearsals and being at some smaller and some bigger parties, I seem to be pretty much dead and am in no mood to write an accompanying text for this photo. So just enjoy this photo and the next week! (Oh joy, school life starts again.)

Photo shot during a stroll a week ago while frantically trying to accomplish this photo challenge.

a trip to lucerne, part 2: falling in love with lake lucerne

Sometimes I get really frustrated that there isn’t any sea surrounding Switzerland. Instead all we have are lakes. Lakes and mountains and forests – quite a lot different landscapes in one country if you ask me – but of course it’d be much nicer if we had a sea (Canada for example? They’ve got it all. Lucky Canadians.) with its fresh and salty sea air, the various sea living animals, the possibility to sail away and not seeing land on the other side even before you take off.

But that day, when we ran from the cog railway to the ship station in Alpnachstad, I got really exited. I think I’ve never went shipping on the Lake Lucerne before and therefore I was quite curious.

Let me tell  you that being on this lake, makes you forget all your dreams about a sea (well… almost forget). We went on board of the MS Unterwalden, which is a quite nice ship and stayed the one and a half hour there until we reached Lucerne. And the landscape around the sea? Beautiful. Sadly, the weather always changed from sunny to cloudy so I didn’t get as much nice photos as I intended.

But I also think that in the end the photographing didn’t matter much anymore but just enjoying the ride on our ship. It has something relaxing to it, letting your hair sway in the wind and listening to the sound of the waves and watching the seamen’s work: I felt really free at that moment – free and relaxed and happy and content. Is there anything more I could wish for? No, of course. Right there I decided that this lake would be my favourite Swiss lake ever (and I read in a newspaper that Swiss people mostly visit the Lake Lucerne) and actually, come to think of it, probably my favourite lake in the whole wide world ever.

 On board of the MS Unterwalden.

I love the orange-blue contrasts on this ship!

On the flag: the emblem of the Canton of Nidwalden & Obwalden.

The city of Lucerne seen from our ship…

… and again.

More information on Lake Lucerne here and alternate versions of the shots above will be posted this week on breaking out of the golden cage.
See you soon!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance


Yes, I know. Very edited, very supernatural. Very… shiny.

But I just saw that there are two gaps which needed to be filled if I want to perform my PostAWeek challenge and in the last few weeks there were two mini-posts that I meant to delete and replace with other posts and so I decided to, once again, fill the gap of this week here with a Weekly Photo Challenge.

The door above is actually the entry to a church in St. Märgen, a village in the Black Forest in Germany, where I spent the weekend about 2 weeks ago. And for the editing… I just had really fun when I stumbled upon this effect and I missed “over-editing” my photos… I hope you like the result as well!

taking a break

Hi guys!

At the moment I’m on a journey to Berlin & Heidelberg! I’m sorry I won’t be able to write a real post for this week so I leave you with my three shots of Berlin 2011 (today’s the last the day in Berlin – we’ll be off tomorrow to Heidelberg): they’re unedited – the edited versions will be posted on breaking out of the golden cage soon.

Hope you enjoy!