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a life sign

Hi there!

I’m sorry I haven’t written until now. But you surely heard about people saying how it’s best writing when you feel down and sad and angry and frustrated? I think so too, and guess what? Writing right now feel easy for me because I’m frustrated like that.
Still, I have to apologize because I time won’t let me write a post for every week I’ve missed (which by now should have sum up to at least ten) but I swear I’m going to plan everything right this instant. I’m going to plan what to write for each week and then as soon as I’ve got time (yeah, I know, I never have time) I’ll try to write it down.
I’m blogging almost a year now – time’s flying by so fast! A year, really?! – and I definitely don’t want to end it this way – so be sure to read some more from me. That is, if you still want of course.

So, now I’m off to do my planning. Maybe I can upload some photos this evening already, but I don’t want to promise anything. Thanks a lot for your patience!


UPDATE: Autumn-post is up!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

When people ask me what my favourite season is, I always reply: “Autumn.” For it’s really beautiful with all these trees turning all colourful and leaves falling around you and just to enjoy the chill after a long, hot summer.
With the prospects of my favourite season coming up, I had everything planned: I wanted to shoot in the forest near the city I live. I’ve never taken any autumn photographs there before but everyone said it’s really beautiful there and who am I to doubt it? I live in Switzerland where they’ve got beautiful landscape and of course, beautiful forests.
But of course, something had to go wrong. And guess what? It was the weather that had gone wrong. Of all that could’ve gone wrong, like it could have rained too hard or it was too windy or I lost my memory card or this place didn’t turn out to be so beautiful, the weather was the thing that didn’t play along. Instead of being a bit cold and windy and chilly, it was all warm. Really, really warm and when I got up on that hill with this forest, supposed to be so beautiful and colourful in autumn – I saw green trees with their leaves still on their branches. No shit.
Frustrated I pretty soon went home and just left the photos on my memory card; it’s just now that I’ve tried to edit them (I kind of over-edited them, I guess.). Here they are for you (but don’t get you hopes up):

finally a bit colour!