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to buy or not to buy

Hi there, guys!

Oh, how much I’ve missed my writing! It feels so good to be typing sentences on this keyboard again, after a long time of only scrolling down endless pages.
However, I’m not here to write a major post – sorry – everything’s sort of blurry and dizzy at the moment. I’ve got so much going on and so much I have to do and it keeping on my toes 24/7 and in my free time I’d rather sit down and read or watch films instead of “restarting” my brain again.
But I won’t bother you with a typical Stella-rant again; actually I’ve got a short question for you all.

I especially aim this question at the photographers following my blog or occasionally stopping by but it’s not as if all other of you couldn’t answer it (for me).
The thing is, should I buy a DSLR or not? I’m really, really insecure at the moment.
You see, two weeks ago I saw on Facebook this girl who posted a new album titled EOS 500D.  I went through her photos, which were not all that interesting or creative but got quite a high quality. As you probably know me, you’ve already guessed that I got quite envious.
I don’t know how it is in other places but teenagers my age here have picked up on photography recently. Must be a hipster thing coming up, I guess, with indie-stye being the new mainstream and all. Of course, it’s only a guess and I’m not entirely sure about it; maybe everyone’s really interested in photography now.
However that also means that many of them bought themselves a nice, new camera, which in most cases was a DSLR. I’ve saved money for two and a half years now to buy me one and I know it’s not fair and especially not right to blame them, but I sometimes would go completely frustrated seeing all these new photographers appearing out of nowhere. (Well, some of them might have been saving money for two years as well – I don’t know, but I guess they didn’t and just bought it.)
Two weeks ago (the point where I saw this album on Facebook) I got so frustrated that I even considered the thought of stopping saving money for a new camera. I mean, I’ve got quite a nice one: it’s a digital compact camera with a Leica lens, so it’s not as if I’ve got a lot to complain about.
But I just want to improve and I want to shoot photos with a better focus and contrast and a better zoom and everything. And I think, as a beginner, it would do me well to buy a DSLR. On the other side though, I fear that I can’t see my improvements. Because now, and I dare to say this, I think my photos are quite good for “only” a compact camera (sounds like bragging, I know, but I don’t mean it that way), compared to other photos shot by other compact cameras and when comparing creativity my photos sometimes even look slightly better than some of the DSLR-shot ones. But what about later? I fear that, when I reached the same “level” of general quality, I won’t be able to see my improvements anymore.
I mean all my photos will (mostly) be quite sharp and also have a better contrast, I guess. To make a photo look good isn’t as hard as before and I’m also afraid of my creativity improvements.
What if I don’t work as hard anymore to get interesting photos because I stop searching for creative motives too quickly, blinded by the quality?
Is that even possible?

Oh god, do I make even sense at all? This is so pathetic, really. I think, I’m not making any sense to you all, sorry. Still, if someone is up and able to answer my question (Shall I buy a DSLR-camera or not?) please do so, it’d be quite helpful. Man, I think like I’m going mad here writing such nonsense…