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Orchid Photo Week: Duotone

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #9:

So this is already my second to last post for this photo series! And as yesterday, not a really spectacular one; but I quite like the colours of these orchids above – I’ve hardly seen yellow-ish orchids before. (Especially not ones with a purple-coloured center.) And what I think worked out well is the composition of the photo: I actually wanted to take a close-up of the centered one above but it simply wasn’t possible (I wasn’t taking photos with my zoom lens at that moment) so I had to take some more in, which was not the worst decision, I think. (And also,these orchid buds are just lovely!)

An alternative can be found here.

And yeah, I admit, title credits belong to WordPress… the title was not my idea, I’m afraid.

Orchid Photo Week: Clear

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #8:

So, this is officially the most inefficient Photo Week ever. I’m really sorry guys – school has started again and my exams and final paper have unfairly taken over my life and I simply couldn’t afford the time to post something. However I hereby inform you that there are still two posts to go, and one of them even contains two photos (because they both belong together, somehow), which will be posted tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

This orchid above is, again, one of the simple ones, and although I’m not a great fan of putting the focus right in the middle of the picture, I’ve got to say that I quite like the composition of this shot above. Also, I quite like the colour palette – they remind me of a bamboo wood, somehow. (Yeah, don’t ask.) What I also like is the grainy background (it is a little bit grainy, isn’t it?). In my opinion grainy photos for modern motives can turn out pretty ugly but this time I didn’t mind it as much. Even gives a nice contrast, I think. What do you think?


PS: No alternatives today, sadly.

Orchid Photo Week: Warm

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #7:

Today I let the image speak.

(I actually don’t know what to comment since this orchid has caused me some difficulties – be it on my camera display or on my image viewer program, this orchid always looked good. It was only when I was editing the photo and had a really close look at it, that I realised that the colours were far from intense and strong, and that there’s a slight blurriness to this photo, which unnerves me a bit. What do you think? It’s rather pale, isn’t it?)

The alternate version can be found here.

Orchid Photo Week: Fresh

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #6:

Today I present you a photo that could be really, really good… if it wasn’t so blurry. I’m still a little upset that I lost control of the focus and it had to turned out this way with the droplets rather being part of the background than the foreground. On the other side you can’t always get what you want and I’ve learned to accept photos like these as part of taking photographs… or art in general. In a way it’s similar to the way some inventions or discoveries were invented respectively discovered: by accident.  And by accepting that this is just part of the learning process, I was able to see the beauty in this photo and appreciate the way the light falls on the petals and the gentleness they seem to convey; I’m seeing it all now and have to admit that I am a bit proud of this shot. I am. (A really, really small bit.)

And two things more:

– To all my new followers: Thank you so much for following me! I’ve been quite busy lately and didn’t have time to thank you all personally; so don’t think that I’m indifferent to your kind follows – I appreciate them a great deal! Really, you keep me going and you help me to believe in me, which is something I haven’t done for such a long time now…

– And, as always, an alternative version of this photo will be posted on my photo blog.



Orchid Photo Week: Rosy

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #5:

So for today, I’ve chosen this rose-coloured orchid. It’s a rather simple one compared to the other we’ve seen but I just really love its simplicity. I’m also somewhat satisfied with the angle I’ve chosen to take this photo and the way it presents the inside of the orchid. As you may have realised by now, I’m a great friend of close-ups and I’m quite happy that I managed to capture the tiny dots on the inside (considering I’m total amateur).

Oh and yeah, I know, I’ve missed out on a couple of days again – I’m sorry! But I’ve been away travelling with my family during the day and working like a mad woman (I mean “mad” as in “mad-because-I-haven’t-got-enough-sleep-the-past-weeks-but-I’ll-still-try-to-scribble-down-something-for-my-final-paper) at night. So… forgive me?

As always an alternate version will be found here.

Orchid Photo Week: Reddish

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #4:

Oh man, I know, I know – I missed to post something yesterday! I’m really sorry for that. I just had quite a lot to do with my final paper and it’s left me with no time to post something.

Maybe the fact that this photo above is one of my best shots in the series will make up for it. Will it?

Anyway, what I love about this shot is a closeup (I’m a sucker for those) and that I managed to get such a nice contrast without editing. (I’ve edited nothing on this picture.) I just really like this strong colour contrast of the red and green, and what I also particularly like is this pink hue on the inside of the orchid… such a beauty.

Also, an alternative will be posted on my photo blog right after this. So if you’re interested, check it out here.

Orchid Photo Week: Pale

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #3:

Sorry guys, no comment today – I’m way too tired from writing on my final paper (I’ve been deleting and rewriting parts all day long… if any of you have got any tips against writer’s block – I’d be extremely thankful!) but there’s an alternate version to this which will be posted on my photo blog.

Orchid Photo Week: Diva

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #2:

As I post the photos in chronological order, so in the exact order that I shot them, this beauty here would be the second one.  And a quite special one at that. I had never seen such a wildcat-like orchid until then! Somehow, with all her purple colourings and these leopard (or is it cheetah?) dots she reminds me of some Hollywood diva outfit…

Orchid Photo Week: Radiating

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #1:

Oh, I guess it’s really been too long since I’ve set up a Photo Week that I even had to go through my earlier post to look what my previous layouts had been! But as you see, the Photo Week has started as of today and I think this time it will even be longer than a week. See, I only edit two or three photos per day and I haven’t counted them yet… so, we’ll see how that goes. All the same, I’m quite excited to be back on track and wanted to apologize shortly for not having updated sooner but my last school year is really taking a toll on me! (Writing final papers is really frustrating.)

As for the photo above, I’ve taken it, as the name of this series already says, at Changi Airport in Singapore where they had some plants exhibitions this summer (there were also a cactus exhibition, a sunflower exhibition and a few more). Since my mother is such an orchid lover we decided to visit that one while we were waiting for our flight to Surabaya and I got quite occupied with taking pictures of them! There were just so many different species and I don’t think I’ve captured them all (even after about 50 different takes from 30 different angles) because they were all around the famous fish pond. This lovely orange orchid above (I’m sorry but I forgot to get their names) was the first I’ve taken a photo of and I absolutely love its colours and tiny dots. What do you think? Some orchid lovers among you, as well?



PS: Did you see that I got myself a new logo? Everything tagged with ©boredmaiden is still my work, just to make that clear (the previous logo font belonged to a program that I no longer have, sadly)


Orchid Photo Week

Hi there!

So guys, I just wanted to inform you that I’ve set up another photo week, which will start tomorrow!
I’ll simply call it “Orchid Photo Week” and as the name already says, there will be solely orchid photos to see, which I’ve taken this summer at Changi Airport in Singapore.
I’m super-excited for the posts and your responses to it and simply can’t wait. (And I haven’t even finished choosing the ones I want in this series.)
If you’ve never witness a photo week of mine before, here’s the general idea: My photo weeks are normally weeks when I’m publishing a post everyday which will focus on one photo (so one photo per day). These photos are mostly part of a series, so I must have taken at the same place or about the same time…
Oh and yes, alternative edits will, of course, be posted on my photo blog.

So long,