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“I will not accept online misogyny” by Lauren Mayberry

Dear readers,

I haven’t had the time yet to properly comment and add an addendum to my last blog post, but I wanted to share something with you.

Lauren Mayberry is the front singer, of one of my favourite bands. I’ve always had a deep respect for her and this respect grew even more when I read the article she’d written for The Guardian yesterday. In it, she talks about rape culture, and how she herself, by being female, gets a lot more degrading and extremely disrespectful mails from her “fans”. The article shows how present misogyny still is despite all the developments in gender equality. How there are still people out there who think they’re allowed to degrade and disrespect other people because of their gender, and reduce their value only to their physical value and objectify and dehumanize them.

Lauren has written a very articulate, professional and touching article and I think its message deserves, or even needs, to be spread. For it’s not only to famous the people that objectification of female (resp. male) bodies happens but to less famous people, such as me and you, too. As you see I’m very invested in this topic and it’d be lovely if you’d check the article out.

Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry: “I will not accept online misogyny” | Lauren Mayberry for theguardian.com (01.10.2013)

Until next time,