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taking a break

Hi guys!

At the moment I’m on a journey to Berlin & Heidelberg! I’m sorry I won’t be able to write a real post for this week so I leave you with my three shots of Berlin 2011 (today’s the last the day in Berlin – we’ll be off tomorrow to Heidelberg): they’re unedited – the edited versions will be posted on breaking out of the golden cage soon.

Hope you enjoy!


Berlin, Berlin

When people ask me what my favourite city is, my answer’s most likely to be Berlin, nowadays. I’ve only been there once, last summer, but this one time was enough to make me fall in love with this gorgeous city. I went there with my family and we didn’t expect too much, we thought “Berlin’s surely cool, but of course it’d be much more exciting to go to Vienna or something like that.” We were wrong. The moment we arrived there and stepped out of the train, we were amazed – just by the sight of the train station; with its great class constructions and how they arranged the escalators (I can’t describe it to you, the architecture’s just too cool.) this train station reminded me a bit of Bern’s but it’s just a lot, a whole lot, bigger.

To get to our hotel we had to take the urban railway, which I consider as one of the best I’ve got to know so far. It’s modern, clean and well-arranged and I also especially like the old stations (as you saw in the WeeklyPhotoChallenge post). But the new ones are also not bad:

I like Berlin’s traffic very much anyway. Although I don’t like cars that much (because they’re not eco-friendly), I was quite impressed at the 10-lane streets I found in front of our hotel. And although Berlin’s really a big city, most of the people there still ride bikes, which I think is very cool. Everywhere I went there would be people with their bikes, and there are also city-trips for tourists by bike.

There are 2 places I liked best; the first one is the Tiergarten, Berlin’s city park, which is located in the center of the city (actually like the Central Park in NY) and became one of my favourite parks ever. It’s huge and you could just wander (literally wander) in there for hours and still won’t get enough; there are so many ways you can choose and little paths you’d discover by accident. Because my father and me once got on such a path, we discovered these cute little bunnies, which just live there on their own (at least, that’s what it seems like):

The second place I like best is the Berliner Trödelmarkt. I’ve already made a remark about it in my post about my owl-collection because it was on these market that I bought my owl-chain. I love this market over all. There would be accessories and clothes of course, but also antique sofas and doorknobs (weird!) and buttons and food. But Berlin has not only this flea market, but so many more; we went to the arts market as well (near the DHM museum, the German History Museum).

Generally speaking, shopping in Berlin’s pretty great. Next to the flea markets, there are also the shopping areas – the most famous of course around the Kurfürstendamm (also Ku’damm). But there are also other areas, for example around Hackeschermarkt, which is the place for young indie labels and rather smaller shops; or also around Friedrichstrasse (more luxurious stuff).

near Ku’damm; the left building’s called lipstick, the right one called powder box among citizens

Now, what’s left? I’m sure you all have heard of Berlin’s sightseeing, so there’s no need to tell you what belongs to it. Instead, a few photos:

The famous Brandenburger Tor by night; it’s hard to get a good shot with all the tourist around you (there was even a group of tourist singing loudly “Hey, Soul Sister”)

Also famous: Berlin’s television tower at Alexanderplatz. As you see it wasn’t very good weather; that’s the reason why we weren’t on top and why I can’t show you stunning top view photos of Berlin. Instead photos of the fountain on Alexanderplatz:

Checkpoint Charlie; maybe it’s because I know what happened there, but the place seems a bit cold (in spite of the many tourists posing with “fake” officers) and the old buildings show that in spite of the length of time that has passed since WWII the history of this place will never be forgotten…
Within spitting distance a very cool and modern museum… the Currywurst Museum!

First I was skeptical because of the very red, spicy sauce but Berlin’s most famous dish is really delicious!

One day we also took a boat trip on Berlin’s river, the Spree; definitely something you should try out as well. We took a route that took us mostly to the government district; we see a mix of old and new buildings. The best example for that is probably the Reichstag itself with the main building in neorenaissance style but with a modern dome.

The boat trip started at the Museum’s Island (Berlin has actually an island in the city). A reason why Berlin reminds me of Venice and Amsterdam as well, is the amount of bridges it has – Berlin’s got 2100 bridges, actually.

a bit of “Swissness”!

the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery) in Berlin

All in all, as you see in the photos, it’s the variety of Berlin, that makes me like this city so much. Wherever you go, you’ll see past or present of future – it’s all there in this city, all mixed up in a very artistic, inspiring, unique way – Berlin’s way.

Songs about Berlin I found on my iPod:

Kreuzberg – Bloc Party
In Berlin – Sugarplum Fairy
Berlin – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

ps: I’m sorry for the delay! I had a better, original draft of this post, but somewhere in the middle I got a writer’s block and gave up. This version is, I know, not a very good one, but I promised you one and I don’t like to break promises (in this case, actually I already broke it, grr…). Unless I’m not being caught between ironing clothes and taking care of a visa the next few weeks I’m going to correct this one for you, ok?

pps: These photos are not all of my own. My father did most of them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry, I just forgot that I haven’t posted anything yet this week! I’ve got quite a few topics I want to write about but just simply don’t find the time to fully write them out. So, again, I have to fill the week with a photo challenge.

I took this shot in Berlin last summer. (I’ll post about Berlin another time, maybe tomorrow.) I just wanted to say that I love this light and shadow combination in this picture. Actually there was another shot, a better one (without the train), but my father just deleted it (grr…), because – you know – men just prefer a version with something mechanical in it rather than aesthetic beauty, right?

Anyway enjoy this and the last few hours of this weekend!