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Hi guys.

I’m sorry I won’t be able to post anything this week – since this very day I’m suffering from dustitis – unfortunately. Never heard of dustitis?
Well, yeah, I’ve just made it up. True is, I’m having a cold and terrible concentrating problems. While I’m writing this, my mind’s wandering and my gaze keeps changing its focus.
The thing is I’ve been cleaning up my room this weekend. It’s the first weekend of my summer holidays and (it’s pathetic I know, but certain things just need to be done) and I’m tidying my room. Which, of course, meant that I have to sort out my school stuff. Sadly I haven’t done this since 2 years and so there were loads of paper stacks and notebooks overflowing with loose papers and – oh, how much I hate it – dust. Just dust everywhere. It made me go crazy, really, I had to sneeze every 5 minutes (in the end I spent about 6 hours sorting out my school stuff). And so I blame my current miserable state on my cold and I blame my cold on the dust. (See? I don’t make any sense anymore.)

But don’t worry. I should be writing again very soon; there will be a post with photos included, a post about photography or rather cameras and maybe finally my Hungary post. Hope to see you soon!


the mid-holiday depression

Do you know the feeling of the mid-holiday depression? (I don’t actually know if there’s a name for that, so this phrase is actually invented.) I’ve asked around a bit, but somehow no one seems to have got it (yet).
But unfortunately I do. I’ve got it. And that was the reason why I haven’t written for so long although I have holiday and lots of free time. Said “depression” (or at least that’s what I call it) appears (as noticed in my own experiences) mostly in the middle of the holidays.
Once I got it, I feel totally bored with everything (as if my life isn’t already boring) and nothing really inspires me. There’s a huge lack of inspiration because somehow I’m just not in the mood for getting inspired – although I really want to get inspired. And I’m really sorry but I think I won’t write a lot in the next few days as well because I always need inspiration to write.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and although I think it’s unnecessary to celebrate love on a single, certain day (when you got 365/6 days to celebrate love), I, at least, should be happy seeing so many happy couples giving each other amounts of chocolates and flowers [I won’t mention other people like, for example, singles (although they should also be celebrating – you’ve certainly heard of AVP (Anti-Valentine’s Day-Party))]. But because I’ve got my “depression” I totally ignored it and didn’t realize that I wanted to write about Valentine’s Day until 23:33 pm. By then I was already too tired to write and went off to bed, listening to All You Need Is Love.
Sadly I don’t think that love is the cure to my “illness” because I don’t really feel better after consuming music about love (and I’ve been listening to the Love actually soundtrack the whole day) and watching movies implying love like Invictus or The Blind Side. Even sweet “victories” like finally banishing Backstreet Boys from my iPod or finally rousing myself to read Pride And Prejudice haven’t really cheered me up.

Sometime this afternoon I even considered to save money for a weekend trip alone on my own to the alps, just to hang out in one of these romantic chalets and taking pictures of the nature. By that time I was even blaming my bad mood on my class because we’re 19 girls (soon 20) and 5 boys; and with such a crowd of girls it would just get so complicated and exhausting sometimes that even my holiday life is affected. Yeah, logical really.

So, I’m really sorry to bother you with such a boring, depressing story about the past few days, but I just had to write everything off of me and I wanted to excuse myself that I probably won’t write for the next few days. I hope you’ll forgive me.

As a reward for reading the depressing crap above, I went though my iPod searching the 5 most cheesy love songs for you (lousy present I know, but there’s nothing else on my mind):

  • Paperweight by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk (my favourite, actually)
  • Like Chocolate by Emilia
  • Lost Without You by Delta Goodrem
  • Way Back Into LoveHugh Grant & Drew Barrymore (I truly don’t know why this is still on my iPod)
  • Too Lost In You by Sugababes (Only on my iPod ’cause I wanted a full Love actually soundtrack!!! I swear.)