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“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek


This is a shot I did during my spring break, when I spent the day with two friends in Zürich at the lake. My friend with the passion fruit also brought this with her – raspberry drops. Actually I’m no great fan of drops since they’re so sticky in their own way, and it took so long to finish one of them (Oh yeah, just consider me weird.). But she made me try them and well… they’re not so bad. To commemorate the day I ate my first drop since a very, very long time – I used them as my photo models and this is the result.

PS: I’ve got another version here.

black swan

“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek:


During our home economics course we also had some sort of project, which means that we had to create something around a particular theme. Our theme was “colours” and so, me and 2 friends decided to bake macarons, these very famous, light, butter-cream pastry – in Switzerland also known as “Luxemburgerli” by Lindt & Sprüngli.
We decided to make 6 different sorts of them – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, huckleberry, blackberry and lemon – and it took us about the whole morning to bake them. It actually was a lot of guessing around with the amounts of the ingredients because the basis recipe was only meant for the strawberry version. But in the end it all turned out quite well, we had some larger, some smaller macarons; some were perfect and other almost completely wet (the one with the berries). Lucky for us, a  classmate created drinks as her project and we decided to team up and have a sort of “garden party” for our class. For decoration, my group folded some origami crane and swans. As you can see, the black swan was my absolute favourite (as I didn’t fold it).
At about 9 pm everything was set and ready and we delivered our first macarons to the garden. Moments later the drinks came, wonderful colourful and super delicious. As for our macarons – I think most people enjoyed them very much and seeing my class eating them with joy had just made my day.

ignoring meat

Hi guys!

As you see, no Weekly Photo Challenge today (I’m surprised too.)! Luckily for you, I didn’t get to take much photos this week. And there are no teasers for my Hungary post as well. In fact I’m quite busy at the moment. In a few hours I’ll be off to the third week of my home economics course (which is super exhausting, all this cleaning, tidying, cooking and do-it-yourself-ing) and along the way I’m trying to apply for a visa to england (which is super annoying as a foreigner in the country you’re applying from).

The only thing really enjoyable at the moment, are the dishes we cook in our course (I’m so lucky to have a cooking-talented class, really.). At the beginning I thought as a vegetarian I won’t get much diversity of meals because only a small part of our class is vegetarian. But I was wrong. I got the most wonderful meals even without meat, without fish, without gelatine.

But first back to the beginning: Actually I’m no 24/7 vegetarian. I’m not allowed to be one at home, because my mum doesn’t want to cook 2 different meals or to constantly search for meat substitutes. And actually, that’s fine by me. I mean our family’s not much of a meat-eater anyway, and when I’m eating at school I just try to avoid meat as much as possible. But then we had to fill forms for our home economics course in which you could “choose” being a vegetarian. I thought that since I don’t eat much meat, don’t like many different types of meat and don’t mind to do without meat, I could just as well be a vegetarian. And I crossed the box with “vegetarian” written next to it.

First, it was totally normal for me to not eat meat. It was normal as well to cook the meat in our cooking classes but to not try it afterwards. I didn’t even had problems to touch the meat. I only had my weak moments when it came to fish, because that’s something I really, really love in almost every way (I mean, I’m Indonesian, it’s weird to not like fish).

But what really surprised me was that when I returned home for the weekends and had to be “not-veggie” again, I had struggle with myself. It was so weird. I realized that my mind completely ignored the meat. The first friday I got home, my mum made fish for dinner. She put them all on a separate plate and in the end I completely forgot to eat my portion of fish. Or that I really had to bring myself to eat meat because in my eyes, it looked plain “unattractive” to me.
I’ve always thought that it’d be much harder to convert from “normal” to vegetarian than the way back. But apparently it feels much weirder eat meal again.

What do you think? What’s for you harder to accomplish?

some small observations

Just short for today: I just want to quickly write down my observations at a lunch I had to attend today. It’s actually  a launch of my family and some other Indonesian families & friends of us.

Observations on a New Year’s Lunch of Indonesian families

  • Most essential point: We like to eat Asian, especially Chinese food. Don’t ask me why, but on every great occasion there would be Chinese food. It’s true many of us have Chinese roots, because many centuries ago, many Chinese people came to Indonesia (and brought their traditions, and that means food too, with them), but still… I mean, I’m bored and annoyed of eating so many times Chinese food. But this whole thing could probably just be, because there are Chinese restaurants everywhere around the world. 😉
  • We like to share our food with others. Like every typical Asian (? Or probably just Indonesian?) family we order the main course for everyone. That means that there are several dishes on the table and everybody just takes a bit of what he likes best, which is possible to order in Chinese/Asian restaurants. That’s in fact a really good idea; if I go eat Chinese with my Swiss friends, I always order a menu for myself and afterwards I’m always full up. So, I just eat as much as I can (without having a bad conscience for not finishing my meal) and in the end there’d be always someone eating up the rest. 😉
  • There are always photos taken (Eh, actually not only of the people, but of the food as well.). Which can be very annoying, but also somehow funny, because it has somehow developed to an Asian trait (just watch the behaviour of Asian tourist, which is also very cute and funny) over the years.
  • Indonesian are known for their love for food; I think that of all nations I’ve got to know, Indonesians really love food most. Whereas European tourist would particularly recommend to each other  good hotels, museums and shops, Asian tourists look for the best restaurants! It’s so typical; when my cousin was once visiting us here in Switzerland, we didn’t get to make a full sight-seeing tour because of their importance of having a culinary tour. 😀
  • The passion for food is also shown in their conversation topics. When I listened to my mum and her friends, they mostly talk about food! But not only food of all kinds, but also the cooking, and of course, good restaurants you just have to visit once in your life.

Well, that was it for now. Seeing, observing, hearing this has just made me so happy; I think it’s cute (Go ahead. Just think I’m weird.) to see people getting so happy just by enjoying and eating food, talking about food.
And last, I’ve finished reading Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins today; and I just found the perfect quote of the main character, Katniss Everdeen for this post:

“… All around the dining hall, you can feel the rejuvenating effect that a good meal can bring on. The way it can make people kinder, funnier, more optimistic, and remind them it’s not a mistake to go on living. …”

gingerbread lovin’

As a Christmas present my best friend made me a lovely gingerbread. Just now I had the guts (and my mum made me) to dare destroy and eat it. (*inner wincing* Such a loss! I love lovely made gingerbread.)
Now some pictures before its destruction: