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Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance


Yes, I know. Very edited, very supernatural. Very… shiny.

But I just saw that there are two gaps which needed to be filled if I want to perform my PostAWeek challenge and in the last few weeks there were two mini-posts that I meant to delete and replace with other posts and so I decided to, once again, fill the gap of this week here with a Weekly Photo Challenge.

The door above is actually the entry to a church in St. Märgen, a village in the Black Forest in Germany, where I spent the weekend about 2 weeks ago. And for the editing… I just had really fun when I stumbled upon this effect and I missed “over-editing” my photos… I hope you like the result as well!

taking a break

Hi guys!

At the moment I’m on a journey to Berlin & Heidelberg! I’m sorry I won’t be able to write a real post for this week so I leave you with my three shots of Berlin 2011 (today’s the last the day in Berlin – we’ll be off tomorrow to Heidelberg): they’re unedited – the edited versions will be posted on breaking out of the golden cage soon.

Hope you enjoy!