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Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance


Yes, I know. Very edited, very supernatural. Very… shiny.

But I just saw that there are two gaps which needed to be filled if I want to perform my PostAWeek challenge and in the last few weeks there were two mini-posts that I meant to delete and replace with other posts and so I decided to, once again, fill the gap of this week here with a Weekly Photo Challenge.

The door above is actually the entry to a church in St. Märgen, a village in the Black Forest in Germany, where I spent the weekend about 2 weeks ago. And for the editing… I just had really fun when I stumbled upon this effect and I missed “over-editing” my photos… I hope you like the result as well!

taking a break

Hi guys!

At the moment I’m on a journey to Berlin & Heidelberg! I’m sorry I won’t be able to write a real post for this week so I leave you with my three shots of Berlin 2011 (today’s the last the day in Berlin – we’ll be off tomorrow to Heidelberg): they’re unedited – the edited versions will be posted on breaking out of the golden cage soon.

Hope you enjoy!


early risers

It’s been exactly a week since I’ve last posted. Since then I’ve got many ideas about what to write, really, but all these topics needed serious thinking before writing them out – and unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time yet this week. I’ve been super busy, having some exams this week and 2 concerts with the school choir; next week 5 exams are coming up and so I spent part of this weekend on studying (tragic, I know). But last week, when my PhotoWeek was still underway, there was this Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic “morning” that just didn’t leave my mind. I didn’t want to post a photo then but now, although too late, it seems to be the appropriate time for me to post the photo I had in mind for the last few days.

The picture above is taken in Bali 2 years ago. We were visiting our relatives in Indonesia, and that summer, my uncle had a seminar there. And so my family, his family and a cousin of ours decided that we’d go there all together and spend a week in Bali.
It was like, one of the best holidays ever. Especially because of my two cousins. In my mother’s family we’re only 4 grandchildren, 4 girls. The gap between my two cousins and me and my sister is big, but nonetheless we’ve always gotten along with them really well. Since I was little I adored them. They were the big sisters I always wished to have and we always had so, so much fun. Spending an entire week with them – that was the best thing for me. Arriving at our residence, it even became better: We four were allowed to share a suite together. A whole suite only for us. Although they were 2 beds we always would end up sleeping in the bigger bed together, sweating each night so much because this bed just wasn’t made for four people and we’d also end up arguing about the blankets as well (someone would always be freezing and the other three sweating).
Nevertheless it was the best week ever. We went quite a lot sightseeing, ate a lot of good food and just had the best of times. And then, of course, our resort had its own short beach section, where we would go to in the evenings after a long day. Once we came home quite late and the moon had already risen and so we decided to run all the way down to this little beach section. It was beautiful. Very dark though, and there were many little crabs around but nonetheless a one-time experience.
Because it was so beautiful, we decided to go there again, preferably early in the morning to watch the sun rise. We never managed though; we’d always get up late. That was until our very last day. We were really eager and determined to see this sunrise that we somehow managed to get up on the right time. We walked down to the beach and shot some photos but at the beginning it was even too dark to see anything on them. So we just waited. There was this pavilion (which you can see in the picture) and we would wait there for the morning sun to come. Meanwhile my father was off to shoot photos of other things and sometimes me or my cousin were taking photos as well. So this shot above could be from any of us (of the others sitting in the pavilion).
Anyway I wanted to say that I really like this picture. It reminds me so much of the amazing time I had there, enjoying the morning, the beginning of a new day and, you know, at that time, watching the rising sun, I had this feeling like I just got a new, fresh portion of hope in my hands. A handful of hope, reserved for the many things in this world that are yet to see. Because every new day, there’s always something new to discover, to experience, to enjoy. Because every new day, there’s always a new handful of hope waiting to be used.
And with this prospects we left Bali; hoping to come back one day. Because we know: there’ll always be many things yet to see.


“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek


This is a shot I did during my spring break, when I spent the day with two friends in Zürich at the lake. My friend with the passion fruit also brought this with her – raspberry drops. Actually I’m no great fan of drops since they’re so sticky in their own way, and it took so long to finish one of them (Oh yeah, just consider me weird.). But she made me try them and well… they’re not so bad. To commemorate the day I ate my first drop since a very, very long time – I used them as my photo models and this is the result.

PS: I’ve got another version here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

These are shots of the Tanah Lot Bay my dad & I made 2 years ago, when our family went on vacation to Bali. It was the most amazing summer I’ve ever had and I was so happy that this week’s photo challenge was about water, so I could reminisce in old memories back from that time.
And yeah, I know, it’s about water & water’s blue, but I “re-discovered” b/w photos and just couldn’t resist to edit these photos here…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife


I’ve just been back from my Hungary trip of 8 days. First 2 days Budapest, then 5 days near Lake Balaton and finally 1 day in Budapest again. During traveling I made plans for a report from my trip, but due to my lack of time in the near future, I won’t be able to post it right away, I’m afraid. As a “teaser” for my report I brought you these shots of the Hungarian “wildlife” we saw:

the mid-holiday depression

Do you know the feeling of the mid-holiday depression? (I don’t actually know if there’s a name for that, so this phrase is actually invented.) I’ve asked around a bit, but somehow no one seems to have got it (yet).
But unfortunately I do. I’ve got it. And that was the reason why I haven’t written for so long although I have holiday and lots of free time. Said “depression” (or at least that’s what I call it) appears (as noticed in my own experiences) mostly in the middle of the holidays.
Once I got it, I feel totally bored with everything (as if my life isn’t already boring) and nothing really inspires me. There’s a huge lack of inspiration because somehow I’m just not in the mood for getting inspired – although I really want to get inspired. And I’m really sorry but I think I won’t write a lot in the next few days as well because I always need inspiration to write.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and although I think it’s unnecessary to celebrate love on a single, certain day (when you got 365/6 days to celebrate love), I, at least, should be happy seeing so many happy couples giving each other amounts of chocolates and flowers [I won’t mention other people like, for example, singles (although they should also be celebrating – you’ve certainly heard of AVP (Anti-Valentine’s Day-Party))]. But because I’ve got my “depression” I totally ignored it and didn’t realize that I wanted to write about Valentine’s Day until 23:33 pm. By then I was already too tired to write and went off to bed, listening to All You Need Is Love.
Sadly I don’t think that love is the cure to my “illness” because I don’t really feel better after consuming music about love (and I’ve been listening to the Love actually soundtrack the whole day) and watching movies implying love like Invictus or The Blind Side. Even sweet “victories” like finally banishing Backstreet Boys from my iPod or finally rousing myself to read Pride And Prejudice haven’t really cheered me up.

Sometime this afternoon I even considered to save money for a weekend trip alone on my own to the alps, just to hang out in one of these romantic chalets and taking pictures of the nature. By that time I was even blaming my bad mood on my class because we’re 19 girls (soon 20) and 5 boys; and with such a crowd of girls it would just get so complicated and exhausting sometimes that even my holiday life is affected. Yeah, logical really.

So, I’m really sorry to bother you with such a boring, depressing story about the past few days, but I just had to write everything off of me and I wanted to excuse myself that I probably won’t write for the next few days. I hope you’ll forgive me.

As a reward for reading the depressing crap above, I went though my iPod searching the 5 most cheesy love songs for you (lousy present I know, but there’s nothing else on my mind):

  • Paperweight by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk (my favourite, actually)
  • Like Chocolate by Emilia
  • Lost Without You by Delta Goodrem
  • Way Back Into LoveHugh Grant & Drew Barrymore (I truly don’t know why this is still on my iPod)
  • Too Lost In You by Sugababes (Only on my iPod ’cause I wanted a full Love actually soundtrack!!! I swear.)

sweden’s sugarplum fairies

As you’ve read, I’m totally tired lately and I’ve started my holidays (we in Switzerland get “skiing holidays”) with a long, long sleep. This whole procedure of getting up, eat, Facebook, read a chapter in a book and sleep again lasted until this afternoon. It was such good weather that I had to go out for a walk. At the fresh air my mind became clear again; I took photos of the landscape and as soon as I was back home I got very enthusiastic to get inspired. (Sadly the short-circuit in our kitchen just before didn’t help me to get inspired, but instead…)

I discovered a new, very inspiring, very mood-lifting band! Well not exactly discovered as I’ve heard about them before, but I never got a copy of one of their cds and it was not until today that I listened to their songs. (Don’t ask me why I never search for them on YouTube, I don’t know either.)

Sugarplum Fairy is a band from Borlänge, Sweden, founded by Kristian Gidlund, Victor and Carl Norén (who, by the way, are the two brothers of Mando Diao‘s Gustaf Norén! For me, already an indication, that SF has to be a good band…) in 1998. Until now they’ve released three albums: Young & Armed; First Round, First Minute and The Wild One.
Wikipedia sorted their music into Pop rock; for me it’s rather (pure) Rock. I don’t think of them as Indie; although I’ve only listened to their latest album, there’s this typical rock-rawness that I assume is part of what defines them; and compared to Mando Diao their music is less experimental and more solid Rock.

This is the song that has especially lighten me up this evening:

“People will probably say that this is the most uncommon song on the album, but in a way it’s the most “Sugarplumish” song of them all. We never have any limits when we write our music, and we like so many different styles. It’s inspired by Bob Marley and every time you hear Bob Marley you forget all troubles and problems. I wanted to write a song like that, that just makes you smile. Music shouldn’t be so complicated, sometimes a smile is enough.” – Carl Norén on Never Thought I’d Say That It’s Alright


obsessed with owls

As soon as my last exam of this semester was over I decided to finally take the time to edit my photos which have accumulated over the last few months. Today I started with the shots I took of my collection of owl jewelry. I’m totally obsessed with owls, especially owl jewelry; I really don’t know why and when that truly started. It was just something that came along at some point. I do have the theory though that maybe, because owl jewelry are so rare to find (when I started collecting them), it gave me  a “kick” to collect them. It’s like a chase: I’m always searching for a fancier piece.

Here three of my favourite pieces:

This owl ring is my latest investment; I’ve been searching for a ring for quite a while, and about a week ago I found it at H&M! Plain, old H&M. And because I made a good mark in my latest maths exam I decided the very next day to buy it immediately – which I did as you can see.
I especially like the concept of these huge eyes and the idea of the whole head as the ring; it gives this owl such a cute look!

This pair of owl earrings was the first piece of my collection. They’re from the trip to Vienna I made with my family around New Year’s Eve 2 years ago. It was freezing cold at that time; it was our first trip to Vienna and we didn’t knew it would be that cold. My father also stupidly forgot his gloves at home. And so we had to buy him gloves; it was already dark of course and the people were all running hectically around, trying to make as much profit during Christmas sales. In the end we didn’t find any gloves anymore but had a lot of fun shopping at Maria-Hilf-Strasse, where we also shopped in Bijou Brigitte. My father’s Christmas present also included a pair of earrings; there I could choose a pair and my choice fell instantly on this pair.

The latest one is my most fancy piece; I got it from Berlin, while being there on vacation last summer. Next to our hotel was a flea market, the Berliner Trödelmarkt (http://www.berliner-troedelmarkt.de/) and after breakfast my mum and me decided to pay it a visit. And it was worth it; after about the middle and lots of doorknobs (yes, they’re offered as well), antique sofas and bits and bobs, we found a young woman, who was selling, at first sight, antique, old jewelry. At second sight though I noticed that inside of these “frames” were stamps, original, old and escpecially – used stamps. We spent a lot of time just admiring those pieces of handicraft; there were so many motives. There were animals of all sorts, famous people or landscapes on these stamps. Among all those I discovered the one above and instantly had to look at my mum totally innocent and well-behaved so I can move her to buy me this chain. (Well maybe I also begged a little.) Anyway we ended up having a long chat with the young artist who told us that she makes about 15 chains every day; I find this really impressive. In the end both sides parted happily; she because she could sell two chains (they’re rather expensive, but totally worth it), and we because we both had new accessories. After these incident Berlin became my favourite European city.

Well, that was it with my owl obsession. See you soon! (Now after all exams done, I’ve got plenty of time.)

go on

It’s the end of my winter holiday and I’m so tired. Tired of everything, of every little bit of work (we’ve got choir rehearsals the last two days). I don’t really know, with all the exams and rehearsals coming up, if I’m able to keep up this blog for the next 2 weeks. I mean I theoretically just have to write 2 posts, but even this seems so difficult to me at the moment. I hope you won’t mind if I may take a little break. (I really hope to not have to do this, because I don’t want to break my promise of PostAWeek)
Well since I’m this tired and it’s the end of my beloved holidays, my mood is equal to nothing. Or to the mood of this song:

in my rear-view
I watch you watching the twilight
behind the telephone lines
with nothing to prove, or to assume
just thinking that your thoughts are different than mine

I’ve just read some thoughts of this song from other people (http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858704420/) and some of them said that Jack Johnson’s song is about his son. Some other say it was about a good friend of his, whom the album was dedicated to. But either way, that’s not why I feel related to this song; it’s because somehow, I see myself in it. Myself and my troubled inner life. I noticed that now, being a teenager and in puberty an all, I kind of have two sides of mine, always arguing. They’re not exactly my good side vs. my bad side, no, it’s rather the side of me still wanting to be a child vs. the side of me wanting to be an adult already. And all this “fighting” of these two sides causes my numerous mood changes. Which really annoys me (and I think many other people too).

so go on
just go on
there’s still so many things
I wanna say to you
but go on
just go on
we’re bound by blood and love
from the moment that we started

And I don’t know why, but somehow, while listening to it during my bus ride, I had the sudden and pestering feeling to let something go, some part of me. Which logically would be the child side in me. And I also realized that every time I have to go out into the “big, big world” again (for example after the holidays, after a long time of being apart from many people), I get this feeling; it’s as if with every holiday I become more and more adult. And for some of you it may be the best thing in the world, but for me it isn’t. I’ve always been rather mature in my life (I’ll tell you some other time about it) and have always been happy whenever my childish side came out. My innocent, rather naïve and unreasonable side.
But sadly, whether I want it or not, I’m developing. And though there’s still so many things I want to say to my mature side; for example to never forget my immature side, I have to go on.

Uh. See my crappy mood? And tomorrow I also have to go on going to school. Yay.

PS: I’ve just reread this, and it doesn’t make great sense to me. I must be very tired. Sorry.