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little wonders

“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek


So this is it. The final of my second PhotoWeek. It feels kind of sad, not posting photos everyday anymore (or at least not in a while). These days, with all my final exams coming up, it’s nice to have something reassuring, something fixed for the last seven days. There would be easy times, when I just posted the photo, wrote a short comment under it and finished. Then there would be times where I sat hours thinking about an appropriate title, or had troubles editing the photos or my comment just wouldn’t make sense no matter how I twisted and turned it.
Still, in the end, I had so much fun doing this and even more fun sharing these pictures with you. I loved reading your comments or seeing the “likes” on my photos; it made me so happy seeing people appreciate my work. Thanks to you all! You’ve been a great support.

Now, I thought that I could end this PhotoWeek with a large, beautiful picture – but, unlucky as I ever am, my plan fell through. What I want to present to you are photos I made one day during my home economics course.
It was a cloudy day, and later around midday it even started to rain. We all stayed inside for most of the time, actually, even until dinner time it didn’t get really warm anymore. Anyway, we were having dinner and afterwards the cooking half of the class had to do the dishes as well. Since I was not included in that group, two friends of mine and me went out to enjoy some fresh air after being inside the whole day. We were chatting a bit, one of us took some photographs, when suddenly this amazingly colourful and shiny rainbow appeared all of a sudden. We just stared at it in awe and all the while more people came to stand beside us and watched in awe as well. It was so breathtakingly beautiful – I’d never seen such a strong rainbow before!
After our initial shock, everyone ran up the stairs to our dormitories, all cramming in their room for their cameras; and as fast as they ran up (me included) they ran down as well. Being outside again, everyone started to snap frantically, I swear if we weren’t all dazed because of this rainbow to really care, it surely would have looked very ridiculous to us.

I mentioned before that sometimes, I’m quite an unlucky person; and so it was utterly tragic that I left my camera at home for the first week. Instead I borrowed the camera of my room-mate and shot photos with it. I asked her to send them to me a couple of days ago, but she’s having a busy at the moment and when she sent it to me per mail, she sent them all at once. Of course, so they’d fit in one mail, she minimized all the photos – and I didn’t want to trouble her and took them as they were sent to me. When I was editing it, I was first quite shocked at how small they turn out to be – but quite soon got acquainted to their size. Sadly, I couldn’t enlarge them for you, as that would mean that they’d get quite blurred. But I hope that you’ll still enjoy it!

And actually, I’ve got to say that I came quite late and the rainbow was already fading when I was ready to shoot. I slightly edited the photos so the colours would look stronger but there are a few shots where you really have to look closely – sorry!
And now I shut my mouth up and present you these little wonders:


“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek:


As I mentioned in a post on my other blog the other day, I’m in love with dandelions at the moment. I really love to shoot them. I never did before, because I thought they were ugly and too colourless for my taste. But actually they make a great contrast to the green setting and I can practice zooming with them as well. And you know, in some way, they’re just so cute and adorable – you’ve just got to take a photo of them! (Wow, I’m talking about them, like they’re pets.)

black swan

“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek:


During our home economics course we also had some sort of project, which means that we had to create something around a particular theme. Our theme was “colours” and so, me and 2 friends decided to bake macarons, these very famous, light, butter-cream pastry – in Switzerland also known as “Luxemburgerli” by Lindt & Sprüngli.
We decided to make 6 different sorts of them – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, huckleberry, blackberry and lemon – and it took us about the whole morning to bake them. It actually was a lot of guessing around with the amounts of the ingredients because the basis recipe was only meant for the strawberry version. But in the end it all turned out quite well, we had some larger, some smaller macarons; some were perfect and other almost completely wet (the one with the berries). Lucky for us, a  classmate created drinks as her project and we decided to team up and have a sort of “garden party” for our class. For decoration, my group folded some origami crane and swans. As you can see, the black swan was my absolute favourite (as I didn’t fold it).
At about 9 pm everything was set and ready and we delivered our first macarons to the garden. Moments later the drinks came, wonderful colourful and super delicious. As for our macarons – I think most people enjoyed them very much and seeing my class eating them with joy had just made my day.

sunset drive

“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek:


all roads lead to a sunset

As I certainly told you like, a 100 times before, I attended a home economics course. It took place in the western side of Switzerland, almost in the French-speaking part. Anyway, our school was quite isolated from the big cities and so we had to walk about half an hour to get there each weekend. These walks were mostly very funny because we didn’t have to drag our suitcases all the way (two of our heads came to pick them up with a car) and so had a lot of time to chat and just enjoy the “healthy country air” and such.
It was on the second Sunday that I took this picture; we were just about to walk from the train station to our school when this sunset came into view. As beautiful as it was, you surely understand why I just had to take a photo of it!

(And I know, Sunset Drive is not exactly in Switzerland but these two words were just the first ones that came to my mind when seeing this!)

PS: Title (of my PhotoWeek) courtesy to the song “Seven Days In Sunny June” by Jamiroquai. These are all photos taken in May (but posted in June).

ignoring meat

Hi guys!

As you see, no Weekly Photo Challenge today (I’m surprised too.)! Luckily for you, I didn’t get to take much photos this week. And there are no teasers for my Hungary post as well. In fact I’m quite busy at the moment. In a few hours I’ll be off to the third week of my home economics course (which is super exhausting, all this cleaning, tidying, cooking and do-it-yourself-ing) and along the way I’m trying to apply for a visa to england (which is super annoying as a foreigner in the country you’re applying from).

The only thing really enjoyable at the moment, are the dishes we cook in our course (I’m so lucky to have a cooking-talented class, really.). At the beginning I thought as a vegetarian I won’t get much diversity of meals because only a small part of our class is vegetarian. But I was wrong. I got the most wonderful meals even without meat, without fish, without gelatine.

But first back to the beginning: Actually I’m no 24/7 vegetarian. I’m not allowed to be one at home, because my mum doesn’t want to cook 2 different meals or to constantly search for meat substitutes. And actually, that’s fine by me. I mean our family’s not much of a meat-eater anyway, and when I’m eating at school I just try to avoid meat as much as possible. But then we had to fill forms for our home economics course in which you could “choose” being a vegetarian. I thought that since I don’t eat much meat, don’t like many different types of meat and don’t mind to do without meat, I could just as well be a vegetarian. And I crossed the box with “vegetarian” written next to it.

First, it was totally normal for me to not eat meat. It was normal as well to cook the meat in our cooking classes but to not try it afterwards. I didn’t even had problems to touch the meat. I only had my weak moments when it came to fish, because that’s something I really, really love in almost every way (I mean, I’m Indonesian, it’s weird to not like fish).

But what really surprised me was that when I returned home for the weekends and had to be “not-veggie” again, I had struggle with myself. It was so weird. I realized that my mind completely ignored the meat. The first friday I got home, my mum made fish for dinner. She put them all on a separate plate and in the end I completely forgot to eat my portion of fish. Or that I really had to bring myself to eat meat because in my eyes, it looked plain “unattractive” to me.
I’ve always thought that it’d be much harder to convert from “normal” to vegetarian than the way back. But apparently it feels much weirder eat meal again.

What do you think? What’s for you harder to accomplish?