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from the cd stack: mighty oaks (BEDA #2)

Note: Because I started BEDA 3 days late, this post is going to be a “substitute” for my missing BEDA #2 entry.


[photo: crop-out photo of the signed album I bought]

Time for another  music recommendation! I haven’t done one of those for a while now and when I went onto my categories list… I noticed that I’ve only done it once as part of my “from the cd stack”-series so far and only 2 other times all in all. (Proves again how rarely I post things around here.)

Today I’m going to introduce you to Mighty Oaks, which is a “Berlin-based indie-folk band”. They were founded in 2010 by their lead singer Ian Hooper and guitarist Claudio Donzelli. Later their bassist Craig Saunders joined the two founding members and completed the band. They’re now a three-man group from three different countries even: the USA, the UK and Italy.

So far they’ve only released one EP and that might be the reason why people outside of the scene probably haven’t heard of them yet.  I myself got to know them Sunday two weeks ago – Shout Out Louds are touring at the moment and a friend of mine gave me the tickets for their Swiss concert as a birthday present – and Mighty Oaks happened to be the supporting act for Shout Out Louds.

From the beginning on Mighty Oaks had me enraptured. I bought their EP later but when you’ve listened to them live, you’ll surely agree with me if I say that the EP is only narrowly a substitute for their live music. They are good. They are really, really good. Ian Hooper’s voice is amazing and the guitar playing is amazing and those guys are nice, funny people. In general, I’d describe their music as a rough-but-also-smooth voice paired with mood-brightening guitar tunes making you want to sway to them all day long.

Because I obviously have trouble expressing myself eloquently, let me write out two lists for you:

1.) Words I associate with Mighty Oaks’ music: green, wind, summer, spring, forest, trees, nature, road trip, morning, dawn, grass, meadows, earth, fun, happiness, smiles, heartache (of the good and the bad kind, I suppose), blue skies, gardens, breeze, bare feet, freedom

2.) You’ll probably like Mighty Oaks if…

  • you like indie music, folk music and optimally indie-folk music;
  • you like bands such as Mumford & Sons or Angus & Julia Stone;
  • you like music played mainly by guitars;
  • you like music which reminds you of words from the list above.

What do you think? Did I get you hooked on it? (I admit I’m terrible at selling things to people… but I have a possibly sprained ankle at the moment and it hurts and my head does too… excuse me for not thinking clearly right now and being so ineloquent.) If not (yet), you might want to listen to the two samples below (the second is my favourite):



I hope I could got some of you hooked on Mighty Oaks – they’re one of my favourite bands now and in most places still unknown, so I felt the need to spread their music out because in my opinion they surely deserved the support. I’m only afraid that I couldn’t give you more information – I didn’t have that many to begin with and I don’t like to analyze music before listening to at least a whole album of the artist and they have only their EP out… if you want some more information, you might want to check those links out:



Note: I’m sorry – somehow it’s not possible for me to embed the two video samples above. Just click on the link, it’ll redirect you to their vimeo pages. 

Of Monsters and Men (and euphoria)

So last Tuesday I had the absolutely exciting opportunity to go to a “Of Monsters And Men” concert. Actually it was a birthday present for a friend – I invited her to go since we’re both into this sort of music – indie rock and folk rock – and they happen to be on a “shooting star”-like course in the scene.
For those of you who don’t know “Of Monsters and Men” (OMAM) – maybe you’ve already heard of their most known single “Little Talks” and this would be the band behind it – and if you didn’t, well let me tell you that they’re a group of 6 amazing musicians from Iceland. Founded 2010 they have released one album so far, namely “My Head Is an Animal” last September.

So, as I said, I went to watch them on stage last Tuesday with my friend. I’d already been super-excited that day and the previous day and the day before the previous day… you get it. Ironically though, as excited and giddy as we were – we weren’t able to sing along. To practically no song – which is rather a no-go for a concert. I think we were both just too busy, too caught up in other things this summer that we never bothered to learn them so that one day before the concert – in between studying for exams and working on our final paper – we were in quite a frenzy to cram the lyrics into our heads. Looking back, it seems really pathetic to me now. I could have as well just let it be – to get twelve, rather complex (in comparison with some of the charts/pop songs nowadays) written lyrics in under 24 hours is hardly able to accomplish for the average (wo)man.

We made it up though by appearing extra early for the concert. We read on the internet that it was sold out and decided to come a few hours early (even missing out a bit of school) to get the best places – preferably at the utmost front! Stupidly we forgot that it was a weekday and that most of the concert attendants wouldn’t come before an hour before door opening due to their jobs. So we ended up being the only ones there… for quite a few hours. Luckily we bought something to eat so we could pass the time. Also the door was partly open and we could hear them during their sound check – which only increased our excitement.

At about 6 pm the first other concert attendants came and then the whole rush at about 7.30 pm. And again luck was with us because when the crew set the queuing zone we were already there (standing at a very convenient place) and we ended up indeed at the very front! At about 8.45 pm it finally started. We on the front actually got to stand right under the handrail which later turned out to be very convenient for my photographic needs. The whole concert took place at Abart, Zürich a music club of middle size with a quite small stage but which also allows high intimacy and interaction with the audience.
The show started with supporting act Lay Low, a musician from Iceland as well. She played us about 6 songs which I would categorise into alternative country and folk. I actually liked her quite a lot – she was very friendly, modest and energetic. (The way she plays her guitar and slams her boots on the ground – intimidating and fascinating alike.)

Then, after a long break, came the long-awaited “Of Monsters and Men” accurately on 10 pm. As you see from the set list photo above they started with their second most famous song “Dirty Paws” – and already enthused the whole crowd. People left and right from us were dancing and I was trying to record the show but it was hard not to give in to the shaking and swaying of the bodies around me. (In the end I gave in though and as a result all my records are slightly blurry now.) It went on with “From Finner” to “Love, Love, Love” to “Lakehouse” and finally the long-awaited “Little Talks”, which everyone, even we, were able to sing. And it was a fantastic feeling too, because the whole crowd was pressed into this tiny space and the band on this tiny stage and everyone was singing with their loudest voice and everyone was swaying and shaking and jumping up and down. It’s always in moments like these that I get this feeling of infinity; a certainty that this moment will stay forever in my memory and a wave of euphoria rushing over me as I give in to the music, give up my body, my soul and just obey rhythm and melody for that one song…

Needless to say now that “Of Monsters and Men” are fantastic to watch and hear live. They are completely worth it, if not only for the charisma of the two lead singers (Nanna and Ragnar) and the passion of the drum player Arnar (he plays so crazy, so passionate – it’s thrilling to watch).
After an hour it was already over. As an encore they presented my favourite song “Sloom” and “Yellow Light” and stopped on schedule at 11:10 pm to release the euphoric audience into the night, full of music fever, of heat and passion and especially a feeling of complete satisfaction.

Well maybe I’m a crook
for stealing your heart away
and maybe I’m a crook
for not caring for it.
And maybe I’m a bad, bad, bad, bad person
Well baby, I know

And these fingertips
will never run through your skin
and those bright blue eyes
can only meet mine
across a room, filled with people
that are less important than you

All cause you love, love, love
when you know I can’t love.
 You love, love, love
when you know I can’t love.
You love, love, love
when you know I can’t love, you.

So I think it’s best
we both forget
before we dwell on it.
The way you held me so tight
all through the night,
till it was near morning.

Love, Love, Love – Of Monsters and Men

from the cd stack: those dancing days

As you probably know by now, I’m a great fan of indie music (and everything else indie, of course). And normally, I have a great interest at keeping this music indie – which means not spreading them to, like, everybody. But then again, they won’t get the attention and support they deserve and worked hard for in each country or in my example – in Switzerland. That’s why I usually recommend bands to maximum three different persons.

But a few weeks ago, I was sick and laid in bed almost all day long. It was incredibly annoying and the only thing that cheered me up was my music. In fact only one band. Listening to them made me so happy and cheerful that I just thought: “I have to recommend this.” They’re already quite famous by now – internationally, but they’re not all too known yet (I asked some people in my circle of friends and none of them knew this band). So this is “Those Dancing Days” for you:

It’s probably no surprise to you when I tell you that these girls are Swedish. Because, let’s face it, Sweden has emerged to one of the most musical talented countries. Remember? There are The Hives, Mando Diao, Shout Out Louds, Sugarplum Fairy… and I only mentioned a few of them. So it was really no surprise to me when I read that they were from Sweden.
And concerning the alternative music scene, I find it hard to find good girl bands. You know, there would be female singers or female guitarists or bassists, sometimes even drummers – but only one or two per band. Rarely in large groups. Which is sad, I think. Half of my iPod consists of bands consisting of a majority of males – and maybe one, maximum two females participating in it.
In my opinion, it shouldn’t be like this – I’m all for girl power and I was so, so happy to find this amazing band.

Those Dancing Days were founded in 2005 by drummer Cissi Efraimsson and guitarist Rebecka Rolfart. Gradually the other members – singer Linnea Jönsson, organist Lisa Pyk and bassist Mimmi Evrell – also came along and they started playing local gigs. Not long after they got their MySpace site – like any other band – and did a lot to get attention. It was in 2007, when they got their first gigs in Stockholm that they were discovered by a blogger and since then their career has been going on upwards.
One year later their debut album – In Our Space Hero Suits – was released and this year their second album brought out: Daydreams and Nightmares.

What I personally like about them is their attitude. Just by looking at their style, whether it is their album booklet, their videos or just themselves, I kind of get a total cheerful mood. I literally feel like dancing. It’s also in the way that they’re able to do good sad songs. I think, that it’s really difficult to write good sad songs. Normally, when someone writes a sad song, it consist of a sad lyrics and an unbearably slow melody (Well, of course this is just a generalisation. There are many people who don’t do it that way, but still, to me, you have to be talented to write a perfect sad song.). As a listener I often think: “Well, it’s not like I haven’t heard this before.” Those Dancing Days put some of their not so happy texts with the exact speed of melody – check out their song Actionman.
What I also like about them are their lyrics: Somehow they’re really touching because they seem (and surely are) very truthful; you can relate to them very easily without having them to use clichéd phrases. For example this passage from the song Hitten:

Slow down, please slow down
I need to find peace, anywhere in me
I feel like I’m under water
struggling to get air
I feel like I’m lost in this body
trying to get inside my head

You probably didn’t know before but I really, really like deep voices. I myself sing alto in our school choir and I prefer to listen to rather deep voices – and also one of the reason I love Those Dancing Days is surely Linnea Jönsson voice, which is really unique and catchy, I think.
So please check them out! They really do great music (and their videos are just so cute…) and are fantastic in any other way as well.

PS: Oh my. I feel like this post needs a lot of editing… I’m only writing shit tonight, sorry.


visions (/of love and death)

There are too many things on my mind right now. Too many to count, actually. Too many to write. Since I’ve got holidays right now, I should be writing much more than usual – at least that was what I thought – but instead my writer’s block refuses to fade away. I simply don’t know what to write about. And once I’m being inspired, my inspiration comes from little things, not big enough to be worth to write about, in my opinion.
But two days ago I got a very nice mail-review on my blog, which totally made my day. In it the person stated to have always wanted to start a blog, but just never knew what to write about.
And this sentence reminded me so much of myself in the beginning; I felt insecure about what to post: insecure, if someone would read it or just like it or if someone was interested in what I was writing at all. Now I don’t think that way anymore – or at least that’s what I used to think. I guess, that after posting photos everyday, I slipped again into my early state, this insecurity of what to write about.
But after reading the mail-review 2 days ago, I furiously wanted to set an example and so I’m ending up here, writing a post about what caught my eye today, although it’s not something too big:

’cause there’s no comfort in the waiting room
just nervous pacers bracing for bad news
and then the nurse comes round and everyone will lift their heads
but I’m thinking of what Sarah said:
that “love is watching someone die.”
What Sarah Said – Death Cab For Cutie

This morning I was listening to one of my favourite bands, Death Cab For Cutie. And somehow it was the first time that I really listened to the lyrics of this song because I just never noticed this beautiful, blue and mostly true passage: “Love is watching someone die.”
It was just one of those moments, you know, when realization hits you, realization of something that you somehow always have known all along but never managed to put in one, single sentence.
And therefore it never came to my mind – in this one, single, complete sentence – that actually, if someone’s dying – and you really love this someone – you’ll stay at his side, no matter how painful or how long until death has taken him. Love is not finished once death has come, but stays for much longer. Love is not walking away. Love is the willingness to take pain and hurt upon yourself to make something better for somebody; to sacrifice your comfort for someone beloved.
When I was ten, my grandmother died. It was New Year’s Eve when we heard that she was ill. We flew back home to Indonesia, but of course it was too late. When we arrived it was New Year and she already deceased. It was the most cruel new beginning I’ve ever experienced. First I was in such a shock that I couldn’t say a word; but one moment later I was crying my heart out. I admired her so much and though I didn’t get much time in my life to get to know her, the few years I spent with her were enough to make her one of the most important persons in my life. Seeing me so broken, my cousin dragged me to the coffin so I could say a proper goodbye to her. But instead I squirmed free of her grasp and ran away. I feared to face the reality, the truth, the beloved face.
I regret it until now, that I couldn’t see her last expression properly. That I prefered to look away.

I know it’s not the exact situation as in the quote above, but it’s the closest to the situation above I ‘ve ever experienced. And when it was so hard to just look at a person already dead, how much harder is it to watch someone die?
And here I’d like to ask you if you’ve experienced something similar?

At the end of this song there was this one question that haunted me for a while (but I’m not going to write about it now):

So who’s gonna watch you die?

angels & hearts

for Laura, my soulmate

I’ve got an angel
She doesn’t wear any wings
She wears a heart that could melt my own
She wears a smile that could make me want to sing

Angels – Jack Johnson

(attending the concert of) one of the brightest stars (in music business)

J as in joyous. J as in Julian. Julian Perretta. And best of all J as in James. James Blunt.
These two names, the exact combination of these two names and persons, to me, pretty much sum up what it takes for an amazing night. And what I experienced yesterday night was exactly this: the James Blunt concert in Zürich with Julian Perretta as the supporting act.

Two days before I, so exited to go, started to listen to James Blunt-songs non-stop. It just seemed so unreal. A few months ago a friend & me decided to go to this concert the moment the first single of his new album was released. We were totally exited; finally a day that stood out from all the boring school days; finally something to look forward to. (And  to make it even better my friend paid my ticket for me as my  birthday and Christmas present – thanks again!)
So during our train ride there we were discussing which songs he’d play, which songs he should play and with which he starts (our guess: Stay The Night). Arriving at the Hallenstadion (the concert was sold out!) we fought our way through the crowd and sat down on our seats (Little did I know that our seats meant sitting in the mommy-section…), eagerly awaiting our man of the day.

About 8 it started. The amount of people attending this concert was gigantic, especially the crowd (or rather women, haha) in the standing room in front of the stage was impressive. Then Julian Perretta appeared. Until that day I haven’t heard of him before, I just found out that he’s already a chart breaker in France. But the instant I heard his British accent, I melt down. So cute! And he’s got a great singing voice as well, really. His music’s awesome too; a mix between pop and soul (and rock?). An example (and my favourite): 

At about half a 8:35 or so he finished – and left with a lot of new fans (including me). Our beloved James meanwhile let us wait about half an hour. Then a man appeared on the stage; you could only see the silhouette, playing guitar.  Strangely on the two screens one could see James Blunt personally walking through a door… until I realized that he wasn’t the man on the stage but really, truly was making his way through the crowd in that moment! Oh, how we envied the ones standing down there (and 2 friends of us did, so mean.)
And then when he jumped onto the stage, I finally realized that I was really there and everything happening in that very moment – the screaming, the clapping & cheering, the first chords of So Far Gone – was absolutely true.

I can’t tell you the right order of the songs he played nor how brilliant he was – because he was super-duper brilliant (Does anyone use that expression?), really. He started with So Far Gone, went on to Billy and just jumped from one album to another, which I liked very much. He brought so many good songs and live it sounded even better. He was in such a good mood, that I, already in a good mood, was in “best mood” – I swear after 5 songs my cheek hurt so much from smiling all the time. And he’s just so cute, how he’s that happy to be one stage and he seems to wonder why we were able to sing to so many of his songs… especially Goodbye My Lover: As you see in the video below “we” were singing pretty loud (at about 3:55):

This song was, for me, just the best one; not only that it’s one of my favourites but also his slip of the tongue (“I’m addicted to m…you.”) and – have you seen him blinking his eyes when the whole crowd sang? I’d so much like to believe that this blinking was because of the tears he had to blink back. (That’d be so cute.)
My friend and me, we sang to practically every song along – he just played all the right ones. It just could go on like that forever but sadly everything comes to an end and he finished his set with I’ll Be Your Man. At that point we were so disappointed – I mean, he hasn’t played Stay The Night yet! And 1973 somehow wasn’t played as well. He just couldn’t leave like that, could he? And he came back. First with a rather slow song (don’t know its name) and then, finally, the chords to Stay The Night. By then everyone had stood up and clapped and sang along; it felt just so, so great, being there and watching & listening to him with all those people around you.
The very last song he played was 1973, well-chosen I think, because of the nostalgia and such. But what I’ll remember for the future won’t be 1973 but 2011.

Afterwards we were so happy and in such a good mood, hell, I felt like in heaven. And when I came home I could see the stars in the sky above – the indication for a perfect night. Which it was, for me. Really, truly was.

You ask us to stay the night, James? We’ll do. Over and over again.

birthday luck

How much love can you receive all at once? That’s the question I’m asking myself for a while now. Just before I’ve been sitting on my bed and reading all the nice SMS, letters, album pages and cards I’ve got today. All containing birthday wishes in their own way: In drawings, photographs, collages, written words… from near and from far, far away.
Apparently you can get a lot of love at once. Or better, on one day. Today’s my birthday and while I’ve never been much of a fan of birthdays, maybe I should – in a few minutes I’m going to be sixteen. In Switzerland becoming sixteen means three things:

  • You can drink & buy beer legally.
  • You can go to clubs.
  • Everything’s a lot more expensive than before.

But somehow even on this birthday I can’t be very happy about my new reached age. I’m no great fan of beer, I don’t like to go to clubs (I’m a rather concert or café type) and – who likes to pay more for public transports?
So sixteen’s really rather inconvenient for me – that’s what I thought this morning. And I’ve got to say, I still think the same way about it.
In the last days there were a lot of whispering going on about presents for me among my friends. I never expect presents; it’s totally ok for me to spend a birthday without presents – even the ones from my family. I just don’t like to be at the center of attention (The Happy-Birthday-singing in my Spanish lesson today was awfully embarrassing… I just wanted to run away, really.) and surrounded by dozens of people, looking over my shoulder and even more curious than me about the gifts I’ve got.

But as usually I was wrong. You know what I didn’t expect? The joy. When I woke up this morning I calculated that a lot of annoyance and patience’s needed to survive the day – but actually it started with my mum coming to wake me up with her traditional “hair-ruffling” (this year she left the throw-all-puppies-at-Stella out) and I felt so happy just because of this natural, common gesture. On the way to school I read the letter of a friend from Australia (she sent me a package – that was awesome enough!) and the amount of love I found between the lines had already touched my heart. In school I was welcomed by so many friends – I can’t remember in which order – it all happened so fast and when I opened my locker  I saw that my best friend had already put her present into it (My first thought when I saw this was actually “Oh my gosh – how could someone got to my locker without my permission? Is something missing?” And no, I’m usually not paranoid about my school books.) and this surprised me so much (positively) that I already put my biggest smile on my face.
When I came to my main class they were all singing Happy Birthday. (It wasn’t as embarrassing as with my Spanish class.) It was so cute, really, even the boys sang, and I realized that in that very moment, I just wanted to hug them and never let them go, so grateful to have them as my friends.

And now I’m reflecting my whole day; just a few minutes before I’ve become sixteen (congratulations to myself), and sitting here – I feel that I’m not that grumpy anymore. No, after a whole session (1 hour) of responding to all the Facebook birthday wishes and rereading all paper stuff – I noticed the large amount of love and effort and time they all put in their little or big works of art. I’ve just been so egoistic refusing to accept any birthday presents beforehand; I know now that I can’t stop them from doing what they want – and when they’ve already but so much effort and time in it – I should rather appreciate the great amount of sympathy they’ve given me. And I do. I really, truly do.

Friends, family, acquaintances – thank you all for making this day so totally cute and bearable. For making me laugh and almost cry, for making me burst with happiness and smile like an idiot; it was all worth it. You’re great and I love you!
Also for the ones reading and commenting this blog: thanks to you all for almost 2 months of supporting! You make my day – everyday – just by stopping by shortly. Thank you!

Now a song that somehow follows me through my birthday (but has absolutely nothing to do with “birthday”):

almost recovered

Hi guys!

It turned out that yesterday was the last day of my mid-holiday depression and I have to say that in this very moment I’m almost fully recovered.
This fast progress in my “health” I owe to the great consume of the Love actually soundtrack (especially Sometimes by Gabrielle) and the non-stop reading of Pride and Prejudice, the well-known novel by Jane Austen (my reading lasted from yesterday around 8 pm to today 4:20 am – I somehow just couldn’t put it away.).
I’m actually that fine now, that I even regret (a little bit) the loss of Backstreet Boys on my iPod – I didn’t realize until today that an iPod lends itself remarkably well for memories of your personal musical history.

I’ve got exactly 1946 songs on my iPod. Not much but enough for most situations in life: There are heartbreak songs, cheesy love songs, falling-in-love songs, political songs, freedom songs, happy songs and sad songs, songs to dance and songs to sleep and so on.
But I noticed that I do not know all these songs. Of course, I’d recognize them when being played to me as in “I’ve heard of this before but really can’t recall its name”, but I couldn’t allocate them to their interpreter or instantly say their names. It’s tragic, I think.
All the time I wasn’t exactly bragging about my musical taste, and yet I never considered it as tasteless or too much influenced by medias. I was, in fact, rather pride of my radio withdrawal (see my post a musical journey) or my (wannabe-)indie behaviour and considered people with lots of mainstream music as unworthy (yeah, maybe a bit over exaggerated but I can’t think of another word right now) – never considering that they might fully recognize each song on their iPod and don’t pretend to be something they aren’t anymore instead.
Too late I realized that I’ve developed myself further, that I just want to be the punk/rock girl from before – but am not anymore. I just didn’t want to realize it; that I’ve moved a bit more into the direction of indie pop and left The Hives, Incubus, Kaiser Chiefs, Reamonn, Evanescence, Foo Fighters and The Rasmus behind.
I’m ashamed now, to always “praised” myself as a rock girl when I didn’t truly listened to, for example, The Hives anymore, which I considered as one of the most inspiring rock bands (quite) a while ago.

This all left me to the conclusion that I have to – again – clear my iPod out. I want it  to be the storage of the music I listen to at the moment and a storage for the songs that have greatly influenced me in the past. All in all (as I’m skimming my iPod) I can only delete 4 interpreters yet (haven’t gone through the songs yet), but it’s better than nothing, right?

PS: Does this post make sense? I’m totally confused. You see I wrote almost fully recovered and my head’s really still a mess, I’m afraid.

the mid-holiday depression

Do you know the feeling of the mid-holiday depression? (I don’t actually know if there’s a name for that, so this phrase is actually invented.) I’ve asked around a bit, but somehow no one seems to have got it (yet).
But unfortunately I do. I’ve got it. And that was the reason why I haven’t written for so long although I have holiday and lots of free time. Said “depression” (or at least that’s what I call it) appears (as noticed in my own experiences) mostly in the middle of the holidays.
Once I got it, I feel totally bored with everything (as if my life isn’t already boring) and nothing really inspires me. There’s a huge lack of inspiration because somehow I’m just not in the mood for getting inspired – although I really want to get inspired. And I’m really sorry but I think I won’t write a lot in the next few days as well because I always need inspiration to write.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and although I think it’s unnecessary to celebrate love on a single, certain day (when you got 365/6 days to celebrate love), I, at least, should be happy seeing so many happy couples giving each other amounts of chocolates and flowers [I won’t mention other people like, for example, singles (although they should also be celebrating – you’ve certainly heard of AVP (Anti-Valentine’s Day-Party))]. But because I’ve got my “depression” I totally ignored it and didn’t realize that I wanted to write about Valentine’s Day until 23:33 pm. By then I was already too tired to write and went off to bed, listening to All You Need Is Love.
Sadly I don’t think that love is the cure to my “illness” because I don’t really feel better after consuming music about love (and I’ve been listening to the Love actually soundtrack the whole day) and watching movies implying love like Invictus or The Blind Side. Even sweet “victories” like finally banishing Backstreet Boys from my iPod or finally rousing myself to read Pride And Prejudice haven’t really cheered me up.

Sometime this afternoon I even considered to save money for a weekend trip alone on my own to the alps, just to hang out in one of these romantic chalets and taking pictures of the nature. By that time I was even blaming my bad mood on my class because we’re 19 girls (soon 20) and 5 boys; and with such a crowd of girls it would just get so complicated and exhausting sometimes that even my holiday life is affected. Yeah, logical really.

So, I’m really sorry to bother you with such a boring, depressing story about the past few days, but I just had to write everything off of me and I wanted to excuse myself that I probably won’t write for the next few days. I hope you’ll forgive me.

As a reward for reading the depressing crap above, I went though my iPod searching the 5 most cheesy love songs for you (lousy present I know, but there’s nothing else on my mind):

  • Paperweight by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk (my favourite, actually)
  • Like Chocolate by Emilia
  • Lost Without You by Delta Goodrem
  • Way Back Into LoveHugh Grant & Drew Barrymore (I truly don’t know why this is still on my iPod)
  • Too Lost In You by Sugababes (Only on my iPod ’cause I wanted a full Love actually soundtrack!!! I swear.)

sweden’s sugarplum fairies

As you’ve read, I’m totally tired lately and I’ve started my holidays (we in Switzerland get “skiing holidays”) with a long, long sleep. This whole procedure of getting up, eat, Facebook, read a chapter in a book and sleep again lasted until this afternoon. It was such good weather that I had to go out for a walk. At the fresh air my mind became clear again; I took photos of the landscape and as soon as I was back home I got very enthusiastic to get inspired. (Sadly the short-circuit in our kitchen just before didn’t help me to get inspired, but instead…)

I discovered a new, very inspiring, very mood-lifting band! Well not exactly discovered as I’ve heard about them before, but I never got a copy of one of their cds and it was not until today that I listened to their songs. (Don’t ask me why I never search for them on YouTube, I don’t know either.)

Sugarplum Fairy is a band from Borlänge, Sweden, founded by Kristian Gidlund, Victor and Carl Norén (who, by the way, are the two brothers of Mando Diao‘s Gustaf Norén! For me, already an indication, that SF has to be a good band…) in 1998. Until now they’ve released three albums: Young & Armed; First Round, First Minute and The Wild One.
Wikipedia sorted their music into Pop rock; for me it’s rather (pure) Rock. I don’t think of them as Indie; although I’ve only listened to their latest album, there’s this typical rock-rawness that I assume is part of what defines them; and compared to Mando Diao their music is less experimental and more solid Rock.

This is the song that has especially lighten me up this evening:

“People will probably say that this is the most uncommon song on the album, but in a way it’s the most “Sugarplumish” song of them all. We never have any limits when we write our music, and we like so many different styles. It’s inspired by Bob Marley and every time you hear Bob Marley you forget all troubles and problems. I wanted to write a song like that, that just makes you smile. Music shouldn’t be so complicated, sometimes a smile is enough.” – Carl Norén on Never Thought I’d Say That It’s Alright