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obsessed with owls

As soon as my last exam of this semester was over I decided to finally take the time to edit my photos which have accumulated over the last few months. Today I started with the shots I took of my collection of owl jewelry. I’m totally obsessed with owls, especially owl jewelry; I really don’t know why and when that truly started. It was just something that came along at some point. I do have the theory though that maybe, because owl jewelry are so rare to find (when I started collecting them), it gave me  a “kick” to collect them. It’s like a chase: I’m always searching for a fancier piece.

Here three of my favourite pieces:

This owl ring is my latest investment; I’ve been searching for a ring for quite a while, and about a week ago I found it at H&M! Plain, old H&M. And because I made a good mark in my latest maths exam I decided the very next day to buy it immediately – which I did as you can see.
I especially like the concept of these huge eyes and the idea of the whole head as the ring; it gives this owl such a cute look!

This pair of owl earrings was the first piece of my collection. They’re from the trip to Vienna I made with my family around New Year’s Eve 2 years ago. It was freezing cold at that time; it was our first trip to Vienna and we didn’t knew it would be that cold. My father also stupidly forgot his gloves at home. And so we had to buy him gloves; it was already dark of course and the people were all running hectically around, trying to make as much profit during Christmas sales. In the end we didn’t find any gloves anymore but had a lot of fun shopping at Maria-Hilf-Strasse, where we also shopped in Bijou Brigitte. My father’s Christmas present also included a pair of earrings; there I could choose a pair and my choice fell instantly on this pair.

The latest one is my most fancy piece; I got it from Berlin, while being there on vacation last summer. Next to our hotel was a flea market, the Berliner Trödelmarkt (http://www.berliner-troedelmarkt.de/) and after breakfast my mum and me decided to pay it a visit. And it was worth it; after about the middle and lots of doorknobs (yes, they’re offered as well), antique sofas and bits and bobs, we found a young woman, who was selling, at first sight, antique, old jewelry. At second sight though I noticed that inside of these “frames” were stamps, original, old and escpecially – used stamps. We spent a lot of time just admiring those pieces of handicraft; there were so many motives. There were animals of all sorts, famous people or landscapes on these stamps. Among all those I discovered the one above and instantly had to look at my mum totally innocent and well-behaved so I can move her to buy me this chain. (Well maybe I also begged a little.) Anyway we ended up having a long chat with the young artist who told us that she makes about 15 chains every day; I find this really impressive. In the end both sides parted happily; she because she could sell two chains (they’re rather expensive, but totally worth it), and we because we both had new accessories. After these incident Berlin became my favourite European city.

Well, that was it with my owl obsession. See you soon! (Now after all exams done, I’ve got plenty of time.)