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I’m back!

Hi there!

I’m finally back again. (Arrived back here in Switzerland last week actually.) And I’ve got to admit that again, I went against my word and didn’t write one single time! But this time I have valid reason: I had practically no Internet connection during my journey and the few times I had time was lacking so I couldn’t get a post done.

Anyway school has started again and I’m already swamped with thousands of things school related… But remember when I told you earlier this summer that my life has been very, very messy and uncomfortable?
Now I tried to come up with a solution to that over the summer and… I actually made myself a plan. A plan in which every single action that has be done on each of the seven weekdays is listed and that I have to follow meticulously or else… I will have to punish myself. (Don’t ask me how I want to do that – I’m trying to trick my mind to fear my threats to myself.) However I hope that my conscience will be much more present this year so that I can really, really get hold of my life again and restore order and inner peace in my daily life.
That would indeed be good as I also included blogging into my “schedule of my everyday life” and it would be nice to finally return to my regular blogging as of about 1 1/2 years ago…

So far I’ve scheduled my blogging for the weekends – the chances of getting some free time are much higher then and I assure you, the next weekend I’ve got nothing to do I’ll spend it on editing photos and writing the article about how my summer has been.

For all my followers, old and new: Thanks again for still sticking with me! I honestly don’t know why you would do this as I seem to be the most unproductive blogger on earth but I thank you nonetheless. You keep me going. And I know that many of you follow me because of my photos – not my text posts – and I tell you I will soon get something ready to present! I owe this much to you. 🙂



a life sign

Hi there!

I’m sorry I haven’t written until now. But you surely heard about people saying how it’s best writing when you feel down and sad and angry and frustrated? I think so too, and guess what? Writing right now feel easy for me because I’m frustrated like that.
Still, I have to apologize because I time won’t let me write a post for every week I’ve missed (which by now should have sum up to at least ten) but I swear I’m going to plan everything right this instant. I’m going to plan what to write for each week and then as soon as I’ve got time (yeah, I know, I never have time) I’ll try to write it down.
I’m blogging almost a year now – time’s flying by so fast! A year, really?! – and I definitely don’t want to end it this way – so be sure to read some more from me. That is, if you still want of course.

So, now I’m off to do my planning. Maybe I can upload some photos this evening already, but I don’t want to promise anything. Thanks a lot for your patience!


UPDATE: Autumn-post is up!