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I’m so utterly sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. The thing is my father had to download something and work at the same time which means two computers were occupied and I didn’t want to disturb him because if he really needs to be at an other computer than his own it’s something important he has get done. But when I wanted to post today, unfortunately my sister, who forgot her latin book at school, was stupid enough to write text she needed when I wanted to use the computer (since I finally got the pictures) and not hours before and so, I had to wait. And to wait again, because afterwards my mum also needed the computer. Anyway, I’m seething with rage right now and don’t want to bore you with my stories. But since I didn’t post yesterday (this post here’s scheduled) I’ll make it up to you by posting two images of this shot. Enjoy it!

PhotoWeek #5:

this is the original version

my favourite edit of the original

standing alone in the dark
your white clashes against this black
your good against this evil
your hope against this despair
your beauty, you lonely beauty against this shards of this world

The Story: I was actually already pleased at the way the original image turned out, but still I decided to edit it a bit and tried out some variations – and I decided again for some black & white. It’s sad that the violet of the blossoms disappeared but I thought it’d be much cooler if the blossoms had this perfect white against a rather dark background – the reason why I applied this effect.

into nowhere

It’s midweek! Sure you noticed that my photos up to now and including this one aren’t special in any way. The thing is that I’ve got two favourite shots and I’d like to post them at the end of the week – as a sort of “final”. So, I’m really sorry that these here will do to you (?).

PhotoWeek #3:

haunted by the look in his eyes
haunted by the smile on his face
haunted by the way he said her name
this evil, wicked, dark
going after her
little Red Riding Hood

that’s when she throws her basket away

glass shattering inside
and runs
into nowhere

The Story: This motif is also one I’ve always wanted to take a photo of. Inspired by the upcoming film (well, upcoming in Switzerland) Red Riding Hood, I decided to go into the forest and try to take some photos. Sadly, the sky is too bright for my taste, it doesn’t really add to this dark look I intended and hoped would match with the drabble above. But I hope you still enjoy!

nightly daydreaming

There would be times, when everyone’s already sleeping – except me. And then I’d stare outside my window, staring dully at the street with its street lamps glowing in a warm, orange colour.
I stare outside and, on one side, I’m totally at ease, and on the other side I’m like… restless. Do you know this feeling?
You’re sitting inside of this safe house, and outside the world’s quiet – except for the few cars passing by. You don’t know what’s happening right now; you’re somehow pending between daydreaming and senseless staring.

it’s dark outside
the street tonight
is once again
still, frozen, deserted
the world’s asleep

hey! yes, you
what are you doing there,
standing lost and confused
in the midst of life
without any

no use in pacing
back and forth
no use in running
in circles
it looks the same everywhere

in the dark you can’t see any
can’t hear any
noise pollution
won’t feel any
news breaking revolutions
there’s only this big

it’s dark outside
the street tonight
is once again
still, frozen, deserted
the world’s asleep

This came to my mind while I was daydreaming. So sorry, it isn’t a product of great logic, but of great fantasy.


I see the flashlights in your eyes
and it makes me wonder
what I’ve done wrong

all this time
everything was fine
now I’m left untaught

I know winter is cold
but when did it make you cold, too?

because I don’t know how to
to your demanding questions
and I don’t know how to
to your changing behavior
and I don’t know how to
please you
without losing me

with every try  I fail
with every forward I go backwards
with every smile I’m frowning inside

oh, please
don’t make me leave you
don’t make me see the bad in you

because actually,
I love you

This came to my mind while being on my way home listening to Sonic Youth’s Total Trash. I’m a total novice concerning this, so please overlook the lyric quality. 🙂