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waiting for the sun to come out

About 2 weeks ago I went for a stroll outside; it was one of the rare times without many grey clouds. Well, unfortunately, they reappeared quite a few times during my stroll, so that’s why probably these following pictures won’t have the same sky.
It took me quite a while to edit them; I wanted to keep them as natural as possible. I don’t know if I succeeded in them since they’re clearly not my best ones but I hope you’ll still enjoy them.

PS: In case you’re interested: all the extras or alternatives to these photos will be posted in about one or two weeks time on breaking out of the golden cage.

at the chinese garden

“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek:


The same day we spent in Zürich we sat almost the whole time at the Chinese garden, which is a public park with a large Chinese temple in it (which we didn’t visit) at the seaside of Zürich. After some time sitting on a jetty we saw this cute little pond and moved our place right away. Since this pond is really beautiful, I wanted to share the photos with you and to keep it natural I also decided that there would only slight editing. Hope you enjoy!