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Orchid Photo Week: Warm

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #7:

Today I let the image speak.

(I actually don’t know what to comment since this orchid has caused me some difficulties – be it on my camera display or on my image viewer program, this orchid always looked good. It was only when I was editing the photo and had a really close look at it, that I realised that the colours were far from intense and strong, and that there’s a slight blurriness to this photo, which unnerves me a bit. What do you think? It’s rather pale, isn’t it?)

The alternate version can be found here.

Orchid Photo Week: Reddish

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #4:

Oh man, I know, I know – I missed to post something yesterday! I’m really sorry for that. I just had quite a lot to do with my final paper and it’s left me with no time to post something.

Maybe the fact that this photo above is one of my best shots in the series will make up for it. Will it?

Anyway, what I love about this shot is a closeup (I’m a sucker for those) and that I managed to get such a nice contrast without editing. (I’ve edited nothing on this picture.) I just really like this strong colour contrast of the red and green, and what I also particularly like is this pink hue on the inside of the orchid… such a beauty.

Also, an alternative will be posted on my photo blog right after this. So if you’re interested, check it out here.