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Orchid Photo Week: Warm

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #7:

Today I let the image speak.

(I actually don’t know what to comment since this orchid has caused me some difficulties – be it on my camera display or on my image viewer program, this orchid always looked good. It was only when I was editing the photo and had a really close look at it, that I realised that the colours were far from intense and strong, and that there’s a slight blurriness to this photo, which unnerves me a bit. What do you think? It’s rather pale, isn’t it?)

The alternate version can be found here.

I’m off!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to say that I’m flying to Singapore and Indonesia in a couple of hours and I’ll stay there for about a month to visit my family.
My route is the following:

Singapore – Medan – Malang – Bali – Malang – Singapore

As you see I’ll be visiting a couple of places which, I hope, will make interesting blog material. I’d like to write you as soon as I arrive down there but I’m not too sure about having immediate internet access…
Still, you’ll surely hear from me at the latest after my Bali trip!

Until then – an enjoyable summer to you all and lots of love from Switzerland!

Stella (ready to take off)