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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Hi guys!

I almost forgot to post this week – somehow time’s just flying by and I  still feel like midst of my PhotoWeek. I tried to come up with several topics to write about but somehow was never in the mood for them. And I can’t write if my intuition doesn’t agree to the topic; it just doesn’t feel right.
And there’s also this realisation I’ve experienced early this week: It’s way easier for me to take photos –  ergo post photos than to write texts. Maybe it’s laziness because I stick to the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words” but maybe I’m just not that made for writing. Anyway this all here ought to lead to an excuse (again) from my side because I’ve got to post a filler again. I hope that next week I’ll be in the right mood to write something out, especially because I want something bigger for you before I’m off to Hungary (I’m so, so excited! There’ll be a lot to post you about this upcoming trip.) and the week following next week I’ll be gone (except for the weekends) for a home economic course with my class for 3 weeks.
So and here comes the three (my three favourite versions) pictures (concerning my laziness this topic’s almost perfectly convenient because I only had to search for “one” motif) and I hope you guys like it! (And still stick with me though I’m not the most diligent blogger.)

Actually, I first didn’t mean to take this shot with this man in it. My actual motif was the trees, which to me seem like “one” together. But when I tried to shoot the trees from different positions and angles this man appeared – he caught me pretty much off guard, I have to say. But in the end, I’m glad that he appeared! Because he, walking this path so alone, to me makes this perfect “one” in this picture.



Today’s the PhotoWeek final, my PhotoWeek final. Last week just short before I posted the first shot, I thought that it will be like just any other week – but I was so wrong. Everyday I had something to look forward to – namely posting all these stories and sharing my photographs with you! And to you, dear readers, I’d very much like to say thank you. I never thought I’d get these much of nice feedbacks – thanks a lot! You motivate me and give me the push to keep doing this. This week’s has been a lot of fun and you especially made it a lot funnier by every comment, “like”, “subscribe” or even just by stopping by and taking the time to go through my work. Thanks!

Since this is the final, I’m going to show you all the versions of my favourite shot – I think it’s the best so far. But it’s up to you to judge!

PhotoWeek #6:

this is the original version

this is my favourite!

The Story: Ha, I think you all know by now why the black and white one’s my favourite.

PS: Here‘s the link to the post, I forgot yesterday.



I’m so utterly sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. The thing is my father had to download something and work at the same time which means two computers were occupied and I didn’t want to disturb him because if he really needs to be at an other computer than his own it’s something important he has get done. But when I wanted to post today, unfortunately my sister, who forgot her latin book at school, was stupid enough to write text she needed when I wanted to use the computer (since I finally got the pictures) and not hours before and so, I had to wait. And to wait again, because afterwards my mum also needed the computer. Anyway, I’m seething with rage right now and don’t want to bore you with my stories. But since I didn’t post yesterday (this post here’s scheduled) I’ll make it up to you by posting two images of this shot. Enjoy it!

PhotoWeek #5:

this is the original version

my favourite edit of the original

standing alone in the dark
your white clashes against this black
your good against this evil
your hope against this despair
your beauty, you lonely beauty against this shards of this world

The Story: I was actually already pleased at the way the original image turned out, but still I decided to edit it a bit and tried out some variations – and I decided again for some black & white. It’s sad that the violet of the blossoms disappeared but I thought it’d be much cooler if the blossoms had this perfect white against a rather dark background – the reason why I applied this effect.

it takes two to (swing-)tango

PhotoWeek #4:

The Story: This swingset belongs a playground next neighbourhood. When I was little I used to stare at them for such a long time because I wanted to go on them so badly. But I never did it because it doesn’t belong to our block and I was quite afraid of being caught playing on a “forbidden” swingset.
When I got there last week to take of photo of this swingset, I actually discovered a signboard saying that playing on this playground was explicitly allowed to the children of the block it belongs to!
Gladly, there wasn’t a sentence saying that it was also only allowed to these children to take photos of it.

To this picture: As always, I made some versions of a shot. The reason why I chose this one here’s because I didn’t want to lose the beautiful contrast in colour (green-red) but also wanted to capture the quietness, the loneliness of this playground, which somehow reminds me that you get only one childhood in life – and that, once it has passed, there would be no comeback (hope you get what I mean).

a flowery mess

PhotoWeek #4:

The Story: I actually wanted to focus on the flower in the middle, but somehow I messed up and in the end the background sharper than the actual motif. First it made me furious, because I was in a hurry and didn’t have the time to shoot a proper one; but now I think this photo’s not too bad – I actually got to like this blurry foreground.

And yeah, this is the first time I posted two photos in this week as you probably have noticed. It’s just that I made some versions of this image and couldn’t decide which one’s the best. So it’s up to you to judge!

into nowhere

It’s midweek! Sure you noticed that my photos up to now and including this one aren’t special in any way. The thing is that I’ve got two favourite shots and I’d like to post them at the end of the week – as a sort of “final”. So, I’m really sorry that these here will do to you (?).

PhotoWeek #3:

haunted by the look in his eyes
haunted by the smile on his face
haunted by the way he said her name
this evil, wicked, dark
going after her
little Red Riding Hood

that’s when she throws her basket away

glass shattering inside
and runs
into nowhere

The Story: This motif is also one I’ve always wanted to take a photo of. Inspired by the upcoming film (well, upcoming in Switzerland) Red Riding Hood, I decided to go into the forest and try to take some photos. Sadly, the sky is too bright for my taste, it doesn’t really add to this dark look I intended and hoped would match with the drabble above. But I hope you still enjoy!

at the edge

Not a really gorgeous one, rather a filler, actually. Hope you still enjoy!

PhotoWeek #2:

little house

Like I promised, here starts my photo week with photos I took a week ago. They’re not the best and they’re not the most creative but I hope you still enjoy them!

PhotoWeek #1:

I love this place
But it’s haunted without you
My tired heart
Is beating so slow

Our hearts sing less than
We wanted, we wanted
Our hearts sing ’cause
We do not know, we do not know

To light the night, to help us grow
To help us grow
It is not said, I always know

Little House – Amanda Seyfried

The Story: Actually, I’ve always wanted to shoot a picture with a cute, little house in it. But in my imagination the house was much older and in a very shabby condition, which gave the whole picture a mysterious, dark touch.  Sadly I haven’t found such a house yet, but for the moment I’m quite satisfied with this one as well! I like the black-white contrast and the big trees around this house – they give one the impression of something dark and mysterious!

questions under the spring sun

Time’s flying by too fast. While in this virtual world I’m as slow as some snail (due to my lack of posting), in reality, time’s running away. It seems just like yesterday that my holiday ended, but actually it’s already been four weeks. On Thursday I think “yesterday was Monday” only to realize that the next day’s Friday. Nothing’s in the right time and place, and I feel as if I’m constantly lagging behind time. In a few weeks are spring holidays and then our home economics course for three weeks, and then soon afterwards summer holidays, and then 5th grade starts and I’m already thinking about topics for my final paper. Especially right now, seeing the current fifth graders hanging up their little papers with their ideas for their final papers makes me think of what I want from life.
I’m not a first grader anymore, letting time pass by and destiny decide of what I’ll  be doing in the future. No, decisions are awaiting me soon. And with every year, every holiday they’re getting bigger and bigger. What do I want from life? I don’t have a clue. It seems so unfair. How am I supposed to know it with 16? There are just a few people I know who have already determined their profession after school. So confident in what they’re going to study. How can they trust us all at the age of 18 to make the right decisions? To make decisions this big? Are we already ready for it? We’ll see. But I’m 16 now and next year 17 and the year after next 18 and – you know – maybe it’d be good if I’m already thinking about the future. At least a bit. Because there’s this pressure that somehow, between school and friends and family, I won’t be able to think about it much.

And this thinking, this whole thinking is scaring me. Scaring me shitless. But at the same time this whole mess in my head is turning me into some dull, uninspired, lazy person instead. So I can suppress those thoughts. And maybe it’s the warm spring sun, maybe it’s my leaning towards nostalgia, but lately I’m daydreaming a lot, sitting in the sun, just doing nothing. Nothing relevant at all. And when I remember my current concerns, I feel like the biggest fool in the world to just spend time with daydreaming. And here, here we have the reason why I haven’t written for so long. I guess, I had just to figure out some stuff. Like, my life. My wishes. Myself.
Starting with easy questions like “Is the spring sun really making me lazy?” to harder ones like “Should I really think about my future subjects at college already now?”

And you know what my conclusion is? That in the end, it’s not that important. I mean, I still have 2 years to figure it out. And it’d be good if I knew what I’ll be doing in two years. Or at least have some ideas. But it’s not tragic if I don’t know it yet, either. And maybe this is so completely stupid (and tragic) that I refer to the twilight saga movies, but remember in Eclipse? When Jessica made this graduation speech and said that now, after their graduation is the time for doing all the mistakes, all the wrong decisions in your life? Well, it feels like now is the time for me to do so. A few years ago my biggest wish was to grow up as fast as possible. To become a famous shooting star or a life-saving doctor or a genial architect. But right now, I wish I could go back to 6 years ago. My biggest wish now is just to lie down on the grass with nothing on my mind but pure contentedness. And maybe this lying down and taking life slow is a mistake. Maybe it’s a mistake, but at the same time, it may be alright. It may be totally all right. Because it’s what we humans do after all, isn’t it?
We make mistakes. Then we learn from our mistakes. And finally, we do it right. All right.

countdown to spring

Spring’s coming and to celebrate the great weather outside, I “borrowed” my mum’s tulip spray  for a photo shooting.
Here are a few results: