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Daily Prompt: Share the Love

Remember the days when I used to participate in Weekly Photo Challenge? Yeah, long ago, I know. But I was thinking of possible posts for BEDA this morning (these days everything is about BEDA, I guess) and I thought that maybe I could establish Fridays as Weekly Photo Challenge day, so that I would have at least 4 more days of this month covered and on top of that get my lazy self to work on my photos. Coincidentally, today is the very first Friday of the month and when I looked up what next week’s challenges were…. I realized that I may have to postpone my idea until next week. Why? Because I looked the challenges up after lunch and one of the topics was about lunch or lunchtime; the other one was about colours but I couldn’t find interesting enough photos in my archive.

This is the reason why I instead decided to have a go at the daily prompt challenge, which I’ve never done before. Today’s task is about the following: Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

I’m afraid to say that I already know that there’s no one particular who stands out in my mind. The thing is, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m not the most avid and not the most prolific blogger. I don’t have that much experience and my journey is so to speak practically non-existent. Because I haven’t been blogging regularly, I have to delve into the world of bloggers anew every time I’m picking up blogging, which means that there’s no one I have been keeping in touch with or someone whose work I’ve been following so diligently that he or she’d have had the chance to influence my own work.

I can tell you though which person got me into blogging: It’s Libba Bray, the famous YA author and one of my favourite writers ever. (By the way I was just about to link you all to her blog and when I looked up the link (because I haven’t read her blog for about a year) I saw that she’s actually not – as she was back in the day – on LiveJournal anymore but that instead she moved here, to WordPress!) When I discovered Libba Bray’s books and her blog, which was late 2007, I think, she used to be really active on LiveJournal. She’d post almost everyday, if I recall correctly, and she had a really witty and humorous blogging voice that instantly got me hooked on her daily writings.
Also it was the first time I was directly confronted with blogging and the whole new world that comes with it – and I got deeply fascinated by how different you could design each blog’s layout, how there are so many people on the internet engaging in those comments or writing posts themselves, how people can be so productive and write a text everyday… (Yeah, I know. But I was 13 at that time, so give me a break.)
Because I was set on improving my English anyway, it didn’t take me long to set up my own LiveJournal blog afterwards.  I was very confused by the ways blogging works and also greatly overestimated my English abilities. Looking back, I don’t think I understood half of what the site was saying and the tagging system was just one big quiz for me. It’s no surprise that I stopped very shortly and put blogging aside for the next few months.

I did pick it up in December 2010 though and that’s when I created this blog here on WordPress. I can’t remember having someone in mind as I was creating it but I do recall how in the first few months my mind would often wander to Libba Bray’s blog and how prolific she was. A great motivator was also Kristin Cashore, another YA author, and Scott Westerfeld, yet another YA writer. They never influenced me in style and posting format, I guess, but every time I’d pay their blogs a visit and see the amazing response of their fans or the amount of posts they wrote in one month, I’d be reminded of how much fun blogging can be, when you actually keep doing it at a constant level. The thing with blogging is, the more you post, the more fun it gets. It is exhausting, that’s for sure – but unless you keep the posts coming in, you won’t get any response at all from your audience, no progression and no motivation to continue. Blogging for me is something you do all the way or not at all; if you’re not committed then you simply won’t benefit from it. Or at least not as much as you could.
In retrospective, I’ve noticed that blogging has taught me a lot – about the English language, about writing, about internet culture and about organization; but first and foremost, it taught me a lot about myself and how to express myself in words. The few times I was active were already enough to help me to open up, to let feelings in, to mature, grow and become the person I am today.

Going back to today’s prompt, I can’t say there has been someone, especially a blogger, who has influenced my own blogging journey so I could, among other things, thank them today for it; but I’d like to think that Libba Bray, Kristin Cashore and Scott Westerfeld have deserved my utmost affection and gratitude, for they have introduced me to this world and have kept reminding me that blogging is a hobby worth pursuing. So, a big thanks to them.
And while we’re at thanking, I guess it’s time again for me to say: Thank you, followers, for still being here and still sticking with me. You too might not have influenced my work but I wouldn’t be here today without you all and your support. You’re among the top reasons why I haven’t given up yet and, despite all the hiatuses, am still running this blog. Thanks.

Until next time,

2 years!

Dear followers and readers

As mentioned in my previous post I’ve been very busy (as usual, actually) and hardly had time to post anything on this blog. Last week was, in fact, the very first week I didn’t have to worry about anything and I took time off to relax and recharge. Some of you who might know this blog from its very beginning know that around this time I post a lot since it’s Christmas time and New Years Eve and this blog’s birthday. But I deliberately took time off from writing here as well, since (bloggers probably know, non-bloggers probably not) it always takes a lot of time to prepare a post and for me, being a self-conscious introvert, it also takes a lot of ‘energy’ and a little bit of ‘courage’ to share something of mine with you all.
Especially with my inconsistent blogging I’m always wondering how and if your responses to my text posts and my photos change over time or  if you expect something from me (and then what).
I actually started this blog just to write for myself – the thought that I might get followers never really occurred to me – and now I’m trying to find a balance between self-expression and meeting your expectations. I’m a person who, at times, gets rid of things in my system by writing. I’m fully aware that more than half of you follow and read this blog for the photos that I post (I guess visually inviting posts will always attract people more) but I need this space here for my writing as well.
This summer I’ve learned in an Economy workshop project of my school that in a market you, as a company, only have a chance of survival if you have a clear concept. Transferred to the blogosphere, this means that WordPress is the market and my blog is my company. And if you’ve been reading my posts for a while you’ll surely have noticed that I have no concept whatsoever. It’s basically a gigantic mess consisting of teenage angst, rambling, observations, photo posts, music posts etc. around here.
That you all, after two years, still follow me and accept all the sides of this blog is an incredible honour for me. I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have shown me in the last two years, the encouraging words and the fond comments. The many, many likes that I got for my posts. That I get the honour of being linked on some blogs, of being recommended to other people, is the biggest gift I ever received since I started blogging and it makes me super teary and thankful when I think about it. The professionals among you might think that it’s nothing but your appreciation for my work is something I’ve never dared to dream of and now have so generously (and surprisingly) received.

All in all, thank you so much for sticking with me and I’ll hope we can go this road together for at least two more years. Cheers!


PS: I’ll be away now until the second of January. From then on, I’ll post a text about what I’ve been up to the last couple of months and (hopefully) another one about my personal experiences with introversion and how it has influenced me and my life. Also, I’ll probably queue some posts for my photo blog, so if you’re interested for photos – wait for me there!

a short notice

Dear followers,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for months. I know this is an excuse I’ve used for more than a year but, to be honest, I’ve had a rough time for about one and a half-year and I can’t see no end to it. Unfortunately these troubles have kept me from doing anything productive – especially from writing. Except from taking photographs I’ve been unproductive all year. It’s only on really good days that I can bring myself to write something – be it in my diary, on a slip of paper or – the rarest option – on this blog.

I set the goal to get back on track the next school year though and I came to the conclusion that in order to regain my healthy and happy status, I’ve got to start opening up, allowing myself to heal. It will be tough because it takes a lot of courage that I’m lacking but I’ll try nonetheless. Conveniently my summer holidays are approaching and so I’ve got much more time to dedicate to this blog (this semester was hell) and I think, – though I don’t know for sure – that I’m finally able to start writing things out – on paper and on screen.

I also think that I’ve lost a lot of followers the last couple of months. I can’t recall the number of followers I had at the best of times, but I think that there were more. Again, I’m sorry. I’ve always been very proud to be able to contribute on a weekly basis a tiny little post on your dashboard or “entertain” you in any way and I’m truly ashamed that I haven’t written or even posted anything for such a long time. I’ll try to make it up this year – I’ve got loads and loads of photo material waiting to be shared!
Also, I hope you don’t mind the text interruptions in between; as said above, they are part of my “getting-back-on-track”-process. Of course, you can also easily skip them until you get to the photos.

That being said, I wish you all a wonderful summer and I’m looking forward to hearing/seeing/reading more from you! To all my followers: Thank you, thank you, thank you for still sticking with me after such a long time!
I don’t know what I’d be without you. (Probably you just haven’t noticed that I haven’t updated for almost half a year and therefore never minded to unfollow me… LOL.)



one year of blogging

Truth to be told I’ve got this (original boring) title already last year figured out. I always saw it clearly in my head, with a text of medium length, beneath it everything clear and structured, for it was my goal. A year ago I set up the goal to keep on writing this blog for at least a whole year and I’m still quite astonished that I managed to do so.
Well, not too successfully but at least I managed to get a better result than the one I got with my first blog.
Looking back, it was a bit of a bumpy year and I see now that I’ve chosen my time rather unlucky for it’s been a year with quite a lot of things going on. For some this rather may seem as a fortune but for me it’s quite inconvenient – I always need quite a lot of time to get a post done and time is what was lacking the whole last year.

Anyway, so far, I guess, I’ve succeeded in a rather fair share of posts done; I wanted to write at least 52 to fulfill my PostAWeek2011-duty and I’ve written even more. In fact these are the results of one year of blogging on boredmaiden:

  • 1 page
  • 8 categories
  • 120 tags
  • 181 comments not written by me
  • 6439 views of all time (of which I must say most of them were of weird sites)
  • … and 73 posts.

Hooray! In fact, I’ve got to say that these are amazing numbers. One year ago I’d thought that by this year I’d probably have one up to two readers, if it even comes to that. But looking at these facts I actually feel immensely proud of what I’ve achieved so far. It hasn’t been easy for most of the time and I’m utterly and terribly sorry for the many times I abandoned this blog and broke my promises. It’s my goal for next to year to catch up with my work and fix these huge post-holes; I want a post for every single week of last year written out and published and I’d be damned if I don’t!
Most importantly I’ve got do to this for you readers; thanks to all of my 17 followers! The discovering of the growing number on my site stats have every time conjured in me various, very positive feelings: I truly felt honoured all over again each time I’ve heard of a new follower. And I was truly touched and I felt very grateful for the fact that you’re following me. I follow quite a few amazing blogs myself and I know that compared to them, this is nothing – and I’m not even talking about the differences language-wise.
I’m also very thankful for all those people who are not following me but still find the time in their busy lives to stop here and there to read some of the posts, to the ones of them who also leave comments and feedbacks and thoughts and generally being very supportive of this whole blogging thing.
Many, many thanks as well to the few bloggers out there who actually have recommended me in their blogroll.
I haven’t thanked you all but let me say to you, be it the first time or the most recent time I’ve found out about someone recommending me – you don’t know how my heart jumps for joy and I feel a lot like giggling all the time and generally being very childish and very girlish. It’s one thing to have your work being praised but it’s another thing to have your work appreciated through recommendation. I’ve never dreamt of it and I still have a hard time believing it these days. So, thank you lots for making me very, very happy in this busy year.

In the end, I guess, I haven’t got much more to say. I can only say that it’s been one hell of a year and a wonderful experience and lots of fun. At first it took me some courage to start; but now I even miss writing in busy times and interacting with all these new acquaintances I’ve made this year. I started as boredmaiden; I’m still boredmaiden at times – but blogging has taken away a lot of boredom out of my life.
So to a new blogging year! You’ll hear from me soon.

Lots of love,


little wonders

“Seven Days In Sunny June” – PhotoWeek


So this is it. The final of my second PhotoWeek. It feels kind of sad, not posting photos everyday anymore (or at least not in a while). These days, with all my final exams coming up, it’s nice to have something reassuring, something fixed for the last seven days. There would be easy times, when I just posted the photo, wrote a short comment under it and finished. Then there would be times where I sat hours thinking about an appropriate title, or had troubles editing the photos or my comment just wouldn’t make sense no matter how I twisted and turned it.
Still, in the end, I had so much fun doing this and even more fun sharing these pictures with you. I loved reading your comments or seeing the “likes” on my photos; it made me so happy seeing people appreciate my work. Thanks to you all! You’ve been a great support.

Now, I thought that I could end this PhotoWeek with a large, beautiful picture – but, unlucky as I ever am, my plan fell through. What I want to present to you are photos I made one day during my home economics course.
It was a cloudy day, and later around midday it even started to rain. We all stayed inside for most of the time, actually, even until dinner time it didn’t get really warm anymore. Anyway, we were having dinner and afterwards the cooking half of the class had to do the dishes as well. Since I was not included in that group, two friends of mine and me went out to enjoy some fresh air after being inside the whole day. We were chatting a bit, one of us took some photographs, when suddenly this amazingly colourful and shiny rainbow appeared all of a sudden. We just stared at it in awe and all the while more people came to stand beside us and watched in awe as well. It was so breathtakingly beautiful – I’d never seen such a strong rainbow before!
After our initial shock, everyone ran up the stairs to our dormitories, all cramming in their room for their cameras; and as fast as they ran up (me included) they ran down as well. Being outside again, everyone started to snap frantically, I swear if we weren’t all dazed because of this rainbow to really care, it surely would have looked very ridiculous to us.

I mentioned before that sometimes, I’m quite an unlucky person; and so it was utterly tragic that I left my camera at home for the first week. Instead I borrowed the camera of my room-mate and shot photos with it. I asked her to send them to me a couple of days ago, but she’s having a busy at the moment and when she sent it to me per mail, she sent them all at once. Of course, so they’d fit in one mail, she minimized all the photos – and I didn’t want to trouble her and took them as they were sent to me. When I was editing it, I was first quite shocked at how small they turn out to be – but quite soon got acquainted to their size. Sadly, I couldn’t enlarge them for you, as that would mean that they’d get quite blurred. But I hope that you’ll still enjoy it!

And actually, I’ve got to say that I came quite late and the rainbow was already fading when I was ready to shoot. I slightly edited the photos so the colours would look stronger but there are a few shots where you really have to look closely – sorry!
And now I shut my mouth up and present you these little wonders:



Today’s the PhotoWeek final, my PhotoWeek final. Last week just short before I posted the first shot, I thought that it will be like just any other week – but I was so wrong. Everyday I had something to look forward to – namely posting all these stories and sharing my photographs with you! And to you, dear readers, I’d very much like to say thank you. I never thought I’d get these much of nice feedbacks – thanks a lot! You motivate me and give me the push to keep doing this. This week’s has been a lot of fun and you especially made it a lot funnier by every comment, “like”, “subscribe” or even just by stopping by and taking the time to go through my work. Thanks!

Since this is the final, I’m going to show you all the versions of my favourite shot – I think it’s the best so far. But it’s up to you to judge!

PhotoWeek #6:

this is the original version

this is my favourite!

The Story: Ha, I think you all know by now why the black and white one’s my favourite.

PS: Here‘s the link to the post, I forgot yesterday.

birthday luck

How much love can you receive all at once? That’s the question I’m asking myself for a while now. Just before I’ve been sitting on my bed and reading all the nice SMS, letters, album pages and cards I’ve got today. All containing birthday wishes in their own way: In drawings, photographs, collages, written words… from near and from far, far away.
Apparently you can get a lot of love at once. Or better, on one day. Today’s my birthday and while I’ve never been much of a fan of birthdays, maybe I should – in a few minutes I’m going to be sixteen. In Switzerland becoming sixteen means three things:

  • You can drink & buy beer legally.
  • You can go to clubs.
  • Everything’s a lot more expensive than before.

But somehow even on this birthday I can’t be very happy about my new reached age. I’m no great fan of beer, I don’t like to go to clubs (I’m a rather concert or café type) and – who likes to pay more for public transports?
So sixteen’s really rather inconvenient for me – that’s what I thought this morning. And I’ve got to say, I still think the same way about it.
In the last days there were a lot of whispering going on about presents for me among my friends. I never expect presents; it’s totally ok for me to spend a birthday without presents – even the ones from my family. I just don’t like to be at the center of attention (The Happy-Birthday-singing in my Spanish lesson today was awfully embarrassing… I just wanted to run away, really.) and surrounded by dozens of people, looking over my shoulder and even more curious than me about the gifts I’ve got.

But as usually I was wrong. You know what I didn’t expect? The joy. When I woke up this morning I calculated that a lot of annoyance and patience’s needed to survive the day – but actually it started with my mum coming to wake me up with her traditional “hair-ruffling” (this year she left the throw-all-puppies-at-Stella out) and I felt so happy just because of this natural, common gesture. On the way to school I read the letter of a friend from Australia (she sent me a package – that was awesome enough!) and the amount of love I found between the lines had already touched my heart. In school I was welcomed by so many friends – I can’t remember in which order – it all happened so fast and when I opened my locker  I saw that my best friend had already put her present into it (My first thought when I saw this was actually “Oh my gosh – how could someone got to my locker without my permission? Is something missing?” And no, I’m usually not paranoid about my school books.) and this surprised me so much (positively) that I already put my biggest smile on my face.
When I came to my main class they were all singing Happy Birthday. (It wasn’t as embarrassing as with my Spanish class.) It was so cute, really, even the boys sang, and I realized that in that very moment, I just wanted to hug them and never let them go, so grateful to have them as my friends.

And now I’m reflecting my whole day; just a few minutes before I’ve become sixteen (congratulations to myself), and sitting here – I feel that I’m not that grumpy anymore. No, after a whole session (1 hour) of responding to all the Facebook birthday wishes and rereading all paper stuff – I noticed the large amount of love and effort and time they all put in their little or big works of art. I’ve just been so egoistic refusing to accept any birthday presents beforehand; I know now that I can’t stop them from doing what they want – and when they’ve already but so much effort and time in it – I should rather appreciate the great amount of sympathy they’ve given me. And I do. I really, truly do.

Friends, family, acquaintances – thank you all for making this day so totally cute and bearable. For making me laugh and almost cry, for making me burst with happiness and smile like an idiot; it was all worth it. You’re great and I love you!
Also for the ones reading and commenting this blog: thanks to you all for almost 2 months of supporting! You make my day – everyday – just by stopping by shortly. Thank you!

Now a song that somehow follows me through my birthday (but has absolutely nothing to do with “birthday”):

getting inspired

On cold, rainy days like these I like to sit at home, reading a magazine. Currently the Kinki magazine. In their editorial they asked us, the readers, what keeps us going on dark days like these. What gives us motivation, inspiration, imagination. For me it’s definitely not my school books (which are waiting to be read). Also not a rain dance. Or my bed – it rather temps me to stay in there forever.

What keeps me going on (or even just waking up) are photos, good music, exciting articles… all these cultural stuff.

My list (yes, a list again) of inspiring things on cold, rainy, dark winter days:

But you know what’s best? What gives me motivation, each day and each week (not that there are already many of them): You. It’s really, really nice to have actual people reading my blog and commenting it as well. It supports me, because after almost 2 weeks, I’ve already posted all of my ideas and it’s getting hard to find topics to write. So sorry for my posts recently, they weren’t very interesting or well-written. But I’m trying to improve my posts. Promise.
So, a great, great thanks to all of you! You’re the greatest support these days.

a clichéd thanks

This morning my mum made me go to the church. I’m not a fan of going there, mostly because lazy me has to get up early in the morning. But it is New Year and so I did her this favour (right use?).
In his sermon the pastor talked about New Year, about a new year. I couldn’t pay attention well, since I was still half asleep, but this one question attracted my attention: In conjunction with the saying that behind each successful woman stands a man (bad translation, I know) and vice versa, he asked us if ,during the last year, there was someone behind us, bolstering us, helping us on our bad days.

From this point on I really lost my attention; I began to think about his question. And came to the conclusion, that there are many people who helped me; but somehow (and unfortunately) I never got to thank them for their help and support.
The following below is a typical “thank you” for all the special people of 2010.

  1. First, a thank you to my best friend, because especially in 2010 she had to listen to me complaining so much. I promise, I’ll be in better mood 2011! (Well, I hope so.)
  2. My mum who, I discovered last year, is not only a mother to me, but also a best friend.
  3. Medea Smyke on FF.net, because her stories lighted me up on my worst days.
  4. My all-time drunken neighbour, of whom I’m scared of, but anyhow makes me laugh (there are always funny misunderstandings with her because she’s mostly pretty drunk).
  5. My English teacher, because for the first time in my life, I played a real theatre; and it was even in English! (I don’t count the ones in primary school)
  6. The nicest and most amazing jewellery designer on the Berliner Trödelmarkt, whom I owe my new-found obsession for owls.
  7. A big “thank you” to all my friends at home as well abroad, for many memorable experiences and a new amount of inside jokes.

Maybe I’m late with these; maybe I’m not allowed to thank anymore, because I didn’t when the right time was. But “Better late then never!” is what I’ve learned while writing my post speak now and that’s why today, on the beginning of a new year, of a new beginning of everything, I decided to thank to you all. (I now, that not all of the people above will read this, but again, it’s better to at least have said/wrote it once, right? And I don’t think that I should thank every one of them personally, because em… my neighbour for example would be pretty insulted, I guess.)
So, thanks again! You’re the light in my life. 🙂

PS: So far, I’ve posted every day, which is a real success for me (and yesterday even three times)! Yay!