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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

When people ask me what my favourite season is, I always reply: “Autumn.” For it’s really beautiful with all these trees turning all colourful and leaves falling around you and just to enjoy the chill after a long, hot summer.
With the prospects of my favourite season coming up, I had everything planned: I wanted to shoot in the forest near the city I live. I’ve never taken any autumn photographs there before but everyone said it’s really beautiful there and who am I to doubt it? I live in Switzerland where they’ve got beautiful landscape and of course, beautiful forests.
But of course, something had to go wrong. And guess what? It was the weather that had gone wrong. Of all that could’ve gone wrong, like it could have rained too hard or it was too windy or I lost my memory card or this place didn’t turn out to be so beautiful, the weather was the thing that didn’t play along. Instead of being a bit cold and windy and chilly, it was all warm. Really, really warm and when I got up on that hill with this forest, supposed to be so beautiful and colourful in autumn – I saw green trees with their leaves still on their branches. No shit.
Frustrated I pretty soon went home and just left the photos on my memory card; it’s just now that I’ve tried to edit them (I kind of over-edited them, I guess.). Here they are for you (but don’t get you hopes up):

finally a bit colour!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Hi guys!

After visiting a television studio with my class, preparing a short text (about a big topic) for our oncoming class trip, attending two concerts in one night, having choir and theatre rehearsals and being at some smaller and some bigger parties, I seem to be pretty much dead and am in no mood to write an accompanying text for this photo. So just enjoy this photo and the next week! (Oh joy, school life starts again.)

Photo shot during a stroll a week ago while frantically trying to accomplish this photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance


Yes, I know. Very edited, very supernatural. Very… shiny.

But I just saw that there are two gaps which needed to be filled if I want to perform my PostAWeek challenge and in the last few weeks there were two mini-posts that I meant to delete and replace with other posts and so I decided to, once again, fill the gap of this week here with a Weekly Photo Challenge.

The door above is actually the entry to a church in St. Märgen, a village in the Black Forest in Germany, where I spent the weekend about 2 weeks ago. And for the editing… I just had really fun when I stumbled upon this effect and I missed “over-editing” my photos… I hope you like the result as well!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

I’ve only got 27 minutes left until midnight – which is not enough time for me to write something real. So I decided to post – once again – a WeeklyPhotoChallenge with the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” in mind.
Short info: I took this picture this december, when our class was rehearsing the play “Communicating Doors” by Alan Ayckbourn. In spite of the many time leaps in this play we wanted to keep the stage design as simple as possible and one of the few indicators of the time were the different typewriters.
When I had time, I would just roam on the set and take photos of just everything coming into my way and this photo was exactly one of them. I just love typewriters (just the nostalgic person I am) and I love the way the light shines on these keys.

early risers

It’s been exactly a week since I’ve last posted. Since then I’ve got many ideas about what to write, really, but all these topics needed serious thinking before writing them out – and unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time yet this week. I’ve been super busy, having some exams this week and 2 concerts with the school choir; next week 5 exams are coming up and so I spent part of this weekend on studying (tragic, I know). But last week, when my PhotoWeek was still underway, there was this Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic “morning” that just didn’t leave my mind. I didn’t want to post a photo then but now, although too late, it seems to be the appropriate time for me to post the photo I had in mind for the last few days.

The picture above is taken in Bali 2 years ago. We were visiting our relatives in Indonesia, and that summer, my uncle had a seminar there. And so my family, his family and a cousin of ours decided that we’d go there all together and spend a week in Bali.
It was like, one of the best holidays ever. Especially because of my two cousins. In my mother’s family we’re only 4 grandchildren, 4 girls. The gap between my two cousins and me and my sister is big, but nonetheless we’ve always gotten along with them really well. Since I was little I adored them. They were the big sisters I always wished to have and we always had so, so much fun. Spending an entire week with them – that was the best thing for me. Arriving at our residence, it even became better: We four were allowed to share a suite together. A whole suite only for us. Although they were 2 beds we always would end up sleeping in the bigger bed together, sweating each night so much because this bed just wasn’t made for four people and we’d also end up arguing about the blankets as well (someone would always be freezing and the other three sweating).
Nevertheless it was the best week ever. We went quite a lot sightseeing, ate a lot of good food and just had the best of times. And then, of course, our resort had its own short beach section, where we would go to in the evenings after a long day. Once we came home quite late and the moon had already risen and so we decided to run all the way down to this little beach section. It was beautiful. Very dark though, and there were many little crabs around but nonetheless a one-time experience.
Because it was so beautiful, we decided to go there again, preferably early in the morning to watch the sun rise. We never managed though; we’d always get up late. That was until our very last day. We were really eager and determined to see this sunrise that we somehow managed to get up on the right time. We walked down to the beach and shot some photos but at the beginning it was even too dark to see anything on them. So we just waited. There was this pavilion (which you can see in the picture) and we would wait there for the morning sun to come. Meanwhile my father was off to shoot photos of other things and sometimes me or my cousin were taking photos as well. So this shot above could be from any of us (of the others sitting in the pavilion).
Anyway I wanted to say that I really like this picture. It reminds me so much of the amazing time I had there, enjoying the morning, the beginning of a new day and, you know, at that time, watching the rising sun, I had this feeling like I just got a new, fresh portion of hope in my hands. A handful of hope, reserved for the many things in this world that are yet to see. Because every new day, there’s always something new to discover, to experience, to enjoy. Because every new day, there’s always a new handful of hope waiting to be used.
And with this prospects we left Bali; hoping to come back one day. Because we know: there’ll always be many things yet to see.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

These are shots of the Tanah Lot Bay my dad & I made 2 years ago, when our family went on vacation to Bali. It was the most amazing summer I’ve ever had and I was so happy that this week’s photo challenge was about water, so I could reminisce in old memories back from that time.
And yeah, I know, it’s about water & water’s blue, but I “re-discovered” b/w photos and just couldn’t resist to edit these photos here…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Hi guys!

I’m still attending my home economics course and on the weekends (when I’m home) I’m busy seeing family & friends and organizing stuff I couldn’t during the weekdays. So, I’m sorry that in the near future Weekly Photo Challenges will have to suffice.

Here again a teaser for my Hungary trip report (and the only photo I found with a significant red on it):

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife


I’ve just been back from my Hungary trip of 8 days. First 2 days Budapest, then 5 days near Lake Balaton and finally 1 day in Budapest again. During traveling I made plans for a report from my trip, but due to my lack of time in the near future, I won’t be able to post it right away, I’m afraid. As a “teaser” for my report I brought you these shots of the Hungarian “wildlife” we saw:

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Hi guys!

I almost forgot to post this week – somehow time’s just flying by and I  still feel like midst of my PhotoWeek. I tried to come up with several topics to write about but somehow was never in the mood for them. And I can’t write if my intuition doesn’t agree to the topic; it just doesn’t feel right.
And there’s also this realisation I’ve experienced early this week: It’s way easier for me to take photos –  ergo post photos than to write texts. Maybe it’s laziness because I stick to the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words” but maybe I’m just not that made for writing. Anyway this all here ought to lead to an excuse (again) from my side because I’ve got to post a filler again. I hope that next week I’ll be in the right mood to write something out, especially because I want something bigger for you before I’m off to Hungary (I’m so, so excited! There’ll be a lot to post you about this upcoming trip.) and the week following next week I’ll be gone (except for the weekends) for a home economic course with my class for 3 weeks.
So and here comes the three (my three favourite versions) pictures (concerning my laziness this topic’s almost perfectly convenient because I only had to search for “one” motif) and I hope you guys like it! (And still stick with me though I’m not the most diligent blogger.)

Actually, I first didn’t mean to take this shot with this man in it. My actual motif was the trees, which to me seem like “one” together. But when I tried to shoot the trees from different positions and angles this man appeared – he caught me pretty much off guard, I have to say. But in the end, I’m glad that he appeared! Because he, walking this path so alone, to me makes this perfect “one” in this picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry, I just forgot that I haven’t posted anything yet this week! I’ve got quite a few topics I want to write about but just simply don’t find the time to fully write them out. So, again, I have to fill the week with a photo challenge.

I took this shot in Berlin last summer. (I’ll post about Berlin another time, maybe tomorrow.) I just wanted to say that I love this light and shadow combination in this picture. Actually there was another shot, a better one (without the train), but my father just deleted it (grr…), because – you know – men just prefer a version with something mechanical in it rather than aesthetic beauty, right?

Anyway enjoy this and the last few hours of this weekend!