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Orchid Photo Week: Clear

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #8:

So, this is officially the most inefficient Photo Week ever. I’m really sorry guys – school has started again and my exams and final paper have unfairly taken over my life and I simply couldn’t afford the time to post something. However I hereby inform you that there are still two posts to go, and one of them even contains two photos (because they both belong together, somehow), which will be posted tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

This orchid above is, again, one of the simple ones, and although I’m not a great fan of putting the focus right in the middle of the picture, I’ve got to say that I quite like the composition of this shot above. Also, I quite like the colour palette – they remind me of a bamboo wood, somehow. (Yeah, don’t ask.) What I also like is the grainy background (it is a little bit grainy, isn’t it?). In my opinion grainy photos for modern motives can turn out pretty ugly but this time I didn’t mind it as much. Even gives a nice contrast, I think. What do you think?


PS: No alternatives today, sadly.

Orchid Photo Week: Pale

Photo Week “Beauties at Changi Airport Singapore” #3:

Sorry guys, no comment today – I’m way too tired from writing on my final paper (I’ve been deleting and rewriting parts all day long… if any of you have got any tips against writer’s block – I’d be extremely thankful!) but there’s an alternate version to this which will be posted on my photo blog.