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this is home – the second

I decided to take a walk again, today, because it was good weather and a friend of mine wanted to see the landscape near my home. This time, however, I edited them a bit different – here the second amount of photos:


this is home

Lately there’s always beautiful winter weather here in Switzerland; the sun shines everyday and it’s not very cold either! It makes me so happy that I’ve even got difficulties to not become one of those Facebook weather ladies and post a status like: “I luvvv suNny winter daySsss!!!! 😀 :D”

Instead I spent my enthusiasm on editing the photos I’ve made yesterday on a trip in the immediate area. Here I present you a few of them:

getting inspired

On cold, rainy days like these I like to sit at home, reading a magazine. Currently the Kinki magazine. In their editorial they asked us, the readers, what keeps us going on dark days like these. What gives us motivation, inspiration, imagination. For me it’s definitely not my school books (which are waiting to be read). Also not a rain dance. Or my bed – it rather temps me to stay in there forever.

What keeps me going on (or even just waking up) are photos, good music, exciting articles… all these cultural stuff.

My list (yes, a list again) of inspiring things on cold, rainy, dark winter days:

But you know what’s best? What gives me motivation, each day and each week (not that there are already many of them): You. It’s really, really nice to have actual people reading my blog and commenting it as well. It supports me, because after almost 2 weeks, I’ve already posted all of my ideas and it’s getting hard to find topics to write. So sorry for my posts recently, they weren’t very interesting or well-written. But I’m trying to improve my posts. Promise.
So, a great, great thanks to all of you! You’re the greatest support these days.